Friday, March 22, 2013

Top Tips For Football Betting

So, you’ve got the grasp of betting on the football but how do you really make the most of it? Shopping around for the best odds can enhance the chances of you winning more money, rather than settling on the first bookies you see, try looking at who offers the best deals. Does one particular company offer any cash incentives when you register? Do they continue to offer any good deals once you’ve signed up? It is also best to try using an odds comparison site, that way you can get an overall view of who offers the best odds too. If you’re going to make a bet, you might as well get as much money out of it as possible.

To know who to bet on to get greatly increase your chances of winning, research is key. At first, who to bet on might seem quite obvious but take your time to look through team data to see how your chosen team is doing at the minute. A lot of teams have their own page solely for data on match performances etc. Look at specific statistics like shots/possession, goals, corners and bookings because this will also give you a better idea if you want to bet on more specific betting markets.

It is also worth looking into the best football market to bet on. Which type of bet is going to get you the most from your money? Which market offers the best odds with your money? Over/Under market is a good direction to go in and it is pretty simple to understand. Basically you have to decide whether the game will finish with the stated amount of goals, under or over. This type of bet is good because there are fewer outcomes; in fact there are only two. offers this particular type of bet. Again, to get the best results from this it is advantageous to know your stats, so do follow the advice above about checking stats before you make a bet.

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Review of American Football Themed Slots Games

Casino games based on American football match playing fantasy football, as a popular alternative to conventional NFL betting, and there are plenty of different such casino games at online casinos for fans to choose from. Possibly the most well-known one is $5 Million Touchdown - in no small part due to the fact that it derives its name from the maximum amount you can win playing it. The game has more to recommend it than just money though, as the other half of its name comes from the brilliant bonus game – where you have to pass a football between players, to get bonus credits, and try to score a touchdown. Rewarding both financially and entertaining, it’s a slots game any NFL fantasy football lover should enjoy.

Another great American football themed slots game is Pigskin Payout, has perhaps the best graphics of all. The game has a stadium backdrop and the reels are designed to look like a football scoreboard, while the reel icons are in the familiar shapes of cheerleaders, quarterbacks and referees. Pigskin Payout is also a video slots game, and this aspect comes into play when you get a winning reel, which leads to the reel icons coming to life: the cheerleader dances, the ref peeps his whistle, and the quarterback moves to avoid being tackled. In addition to all this, the ‘Jackpot Can’t Lose’ bonus game ensures that it is almost as lucrative as $5 Million Touchdown.

Finally you have the very unusual Fruit Bowl XXV, which is a bizarre concept in which fruits like bananas, strawberries and grapes double as football players on the reel icons. You also get a plum cheerleader and cherries as the fans in the crowd, while Fruit Bowl XXV also contains a fine bonus game. This requires you to duck and weave past players in an attempt to score a touchdown, with your success rate potentially activating the free or multiple spins feature. This is certainly the quirkiest American football slots game on the market, which could give it real appeal to NFL fantasy football fans.