Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Darrelle, Stop Talking So Much

It was one thing when you were calling Randy Moss a "slouch" after shutting him down last season, when you ruled Revis Island and were the King of New York.

It's another thing calling him out now, when the last time we saw you, you were limping off the field after Randy Moss burned you for a touchdown.

Today Darrelle Revis called out Moss for the way he played against the Jets in week 2. "In the second half, you could tell he was putting his foot on the brakes," he said.

While Moss may have slowed down a little, Revis had his parking brake on as he strained his hamstring chasing Moss at the end of the first half on a long touchdown pass. Since that play, Revis hasn't been seen again, missing the last 2.5 games with that hamstring injury. He insists he won't play until he's 100%, and the Jets agree. Neither side wants to risk him reinjuring himself.

Until then, he looks bad in the eyes of Jets fans. After holding out almost all of training camp looking for the biggest deal any cornerback has ever received, he lost some fans who perceived him as greedy. Getting injured in a way that probably could have been prevented had he shown up to camp hasn't helped either.

But Revis can't call out Moss for slowing down when he wasn't even on the field and might not even play on Monday. Not playing until he's 100% makes all the sense in the world, but in a sport that glorifies players who fight through injuries, it doesn't cast Revis in the most positive light.

However, if Revis plays and does what he usually does against opposing receivers, all will be forgiven. How well he plays will ultimately determine how he's perceived. If Revis Island returns, and Moss is shut down again, then it'll be called swagger. But until then, he's not helping on the field, and he's not helping much off it either. 

I'm a huge Revis fan on the field. I want to like him off the field, and he seems like a genuinely good guy. But this season, he should just let his play do the talking.