Monday, September 6, 2010

Jets agree to terms with Darrelle Revis!

The holdout is over! Darrelle Revis has agreed to a 4 year, $46 million contract with $32 million in guaranteed money. It appears as if it will be officially a 7-year deal that will almost certainly void after 4 years.

With just a week remaining before the regular season starts, it was now or never for the Jets and their star cornerback to make a deal, and the two sides got a deal done. Revis gets plenty of guaranteed money, and the Jets get one extra year of Revis under contract and don't have to pay him the obscene money that had been floated around in rumors.

He'll now be able to practice all week for the first week of the season against Baltimore, giving the Jets a pair of dominant cornerbacks that should allow Rex Ryan and Mike Pettine to dial up some crazy blitzes to test opposing quarterbacks.

Both sides are ecstatic that this is over, with Revis finally breaking his Twitter silence to apologize for the process. There wasn't much more time to get something done, but this was the type of deal that was going to get done at the last possible second or not at all, and both sides came to an agreement.

While the Revis deal is far and away the biggest news after cut-down day, there is some other big roster news for the Jets. WR David Clowney, RB Chauncey Washington, and FB Tony Richardson are all gone. Richardson is the biggest surprise, as Rex Ryan was seen on Hard Knocks earlier this week practically guaranteeing the veteran fullback a roster spot. John Conner seems ready, and the Jets want to see what he can do, but it's a risky move, both in cutting another starter and another leader in the locker room. Clowney wasn't quite good enough on special teams or at receiver to keep his roster spot. Washington was simply a victim of numbers as the 5th halfback on the team.

In their place, the Jets acquired WR Patrick Turner, OT Patrick Brown, and DE Marcus Dixon off waivers. Turner is a tall receiver drafted in the 3rd round last year by Miami out of USC, while Dixon and Brown have bounced around practice squads in their short careers.

The Jets aren't done yet, as someone else, probably a cornerback, needs to be let go of to make room for Revis. But I doubt the Jets have any problem letting a young player go when it means Darrelle Revis is flying in. He should practice tomorrow and be ready to go on Monday.