Friday, March 5, 2010

CB Donald Strickland Released

Today, RB Thomas Jones was officially released. The Jets say they will try to sign him back, but that seems like a pipe dream. Too many teams need runningbacks, and if the Jets really wanted to keep Jones as their starting runningback, they would have paid the roster bonus. They want to sign him to a cheaper contract and give Shonn Greene and Leon Washington a bigger load, which is fully understandable. But at the same time, in an uncapped year, if they really wanted him, they'd just keep him. Someone else will value him more as a starter, Cleveland, for example, so I put the chances of a Jones return at slim, despite what the Jets say.

They'll look for a cheaper veteran option, one who could possibly contribute at fullback or special teams. Don't rule out a late draft pick either.

The Jets will also be searching for more cornerback depth as CB Donald Strickland was released after one injury-plagued season. Strickland was solid when he was healthy, but what good is a player you can't count on to make it through the entire game?

Meanwhile, one name to watch out for at receiver could be quite familiar. WR Laveranues Coles was released by the Bengals after one disappointing season. Coles has publicly stated a desire to return to the Jets. However, Coles has proven in his career he'll go where the money is. But with the Jets looking for a 3rd receiver, and Coles's status as a released player rather than an unrestricted free agent allows the Jets to sign him freely. It seems like a perfect fit. The bigger questions will be Coles's health and whether the Jets think he has enough left in the gas tank to contribute for a year.

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