Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday News and Notes

*With yesterday's release of OT Ryan McKee, the Jets are looking to fill up the roster spot with former USC runningback and current Dallas Cowboy practice squadder, Chauncey Washington. With Shonn Greene having now lost 3 fumbles in 71 attempts, the Jets may be looking to challenge Greene, telling him to hold onto the football, or his playing time is gone. Let's face it, as much as Danny Woodhead has become a factor on third downs, and on catching the ball out of the backfield, he's no threat to Greene's #2 RB status.

*Mark Sanchez will practice tomorrow. Rex Ryan has not named a starter, but Sanchez's imminent appearance tomorrow at practice bodes well for him playing. Expect him to be on the field starting against Atlanta barring any setbacks.

*There are rumors that Jets-Bengals will be the Sunday night game week number 17. If that's the case, and there's something on the line that game for the Jets, it will be an amazing atmosphere. If not, I shudder to think at how fans angry about PSL's might react.

*Kerry Rhodes is back on the Jets' good side. Rex Ryan called his play "tremendous" and "his best game since I've been here." Rhodes technically started as the Jets opened up in a three safety lineup, and he played 30 of the 56 plays defensively. The difference is that he made a nice interception late in the game. That's what he needs to keep doing: make plays. With Matt Ryan expected to play for the Falcons next week, and Peyton Manning (possibly) and Carson Palmer the next two weeks, he's going to have to keep making plays if the Jets are going to win out.

*I'll post the viewing schedule, probably on Friday, because exams are swallowing up all my free time right now. Thursday will be a huge day for the Jets, though, because Jacksonville must lose one more time for the Jets to pass them in the race for the #6 seed. They play host to undefeated Indianapolis on Thursday Night Football.

The Colts, by the way, are expected to play all their starters on Thursday. They say they're going to take it week-by-week, so who knows what they will be doing week 16 against the Jets. They have said many times that they don't care that much about 16-0, and they just want to be healthy for the playoffs. We'll see what that ends up meaning.