Friday, December 4, 2009

Sanchez has a PCL Sprain

Multiple sources are reporting that Mark Sanchez's injury is a right PCL sprain. The extra rest after a Thursday game will give the injury more time to heal and give Sanchez more time to deal with the pain, but it's still uncertain if he will be able to play against Tampa Bay next Sunday.

He injured his knee in the 3rd quarter when he dove to pick up a first down on 3rd and 8. You probably heard that Joe Girardi was in to teach Sanchez how to slide. Apparently, he forgot (though the dive was enough to pick up the 1st down).

According to Football Outsiders, Chris Simms is the last quarterback to deal with just a sprained PCL, and he missed 3 games. Other places are reporting that Sanchez might be able to play with the pain next Sunday.

With the Jets needing to win out to possibly reach the playoffs, the Sanchez injury puts a huge wrench in those plans, as Kellen Clemens probably is not leading the Jets anywhere. Still, it might behoove the team to give Sanchez a week off against Tampa Bay to give him an extra week to heal. The defensive and running game should be enough to beat the Bucs, but beyond that, no.

It's going to be a tough decision because Sanchez lacks experience, both in college and the NFL. Even if these games probably won't mean much, they would be valuable games for a rookie quarterback to get under his belt, so it is just an unfortunate injury. More news when it comes in.

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