Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jets vs Bills In-Game Thoughts

1st Quarter
This is shaping up to be just another Jets-Bills game. The Jets are outplaying the Bills, but they've left two, maybe three touchdowns on the table. Mark Sanchez missed an open Jerricho Cotchery in the endzone. Braylon Edwards dropped a perfectly thrown deep ball down the sideline that would have likely been a touchdown. And Lito Sheppard had a potential pick six slip through his hands. 3-3 isn't the worst result, but the Jets are the gang that can't shoot straight offensively.

The Jets took the lead 16-10 on a strong effort play by Braylon Edwards getting into the endzone. Still, you can add David Clowney's name to the Jets who have left touchdowns on the board, as Clowney dropped a pass in the endzone when he hit the ground, forcing the Jets to kick a field goal.

4 up
Mark Sanchez's numbers aren't that pretty, but he has played well in the early going. He easily could have three touchdowns. He's been throwing the ball down the field against a defense that harassed him into five interceptions last time.

Thomas Jones and company have run the ball very well the entire game so far. Jones has 58 yards on 10 carries, Shonn Greene has 31 yards on 4 carries, and Brad Smith and Tony Richardson have 19 and 17 yards on their 2 carries. All in all, the Jets could run for 600 yards against the Bills this year in two games.

The Jets' defense and special teams are knocking the ball out. They haven't intercepted Ryan Fitzpatrick yet, but they've forced two fumbles and almost a third.

Terrell who? Darrelle Revis seems to be taking another victim. Watching Revis play is an absolute treat. He has 2 passes defensed, 2 tackles, and an assist. He might not win defensive player of the year, but I defy you to name a defender playing better than #24.

2 down
Kerry Rhodes: are you serious with that alligator arm hit? On Marshawn Lynch's long run, he had such a half-hearted attempt to knock him down that I would have no problem if this were his last year with the Jets.

Edwards made a few nice plays, but it's hard to make up for the potential 84-yard touchdown pass he left on the table. That was an on-the-money throw. Seeing that play is the happiest Browns fans have probably been in a month.

3rd Quarter
No points, but the Jets should be lining up for a field goal on the first play of the 4th quarter to make it 19-10. As it is, the Jets lead 16-10 after 3 quarters. But the big story is Mark Sanchez, who has left the game with an injured right knee. He dove to pick up a first down and may have fallen down awkwardly on his knee because the next play, he limped off. His return is officially questionable. He had x-rays taken. He's now being fitted with a brace and might come back. On the field, the defense and special teams haven't let the Bills' offense do much, Terrell Owens dropped a 3rd down pass, and the offense has been able to run the ball well enough to keep the ball out of the Bills' hands.

Field goal is good. 19-10 Jets.

4th Quarter
19-13 is your final in Toronto, as Darrelle Revis caps off a terrific defensive game with an interception on the Bills' final offensive play. The Jets ran all over the Bills again, and the quarterback play didn't blow it (despite Kellen Clemens's best effort).

Good win by the Jets. Back to .500. Now the focus turns to how Mark Sanchez is feeling. He has an extra few days to get healthy before the Tampa game. They might be able to beat the Bucs with a backup quarterback (stress: might), but Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati won't be so easy.

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