Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jets Bring in Girardi to Teach Sanchez Sliding

One of the forgotten parts of Sunday's win over Carolina is the scare that Mark Sanchez gave all Jets fans when he hurt his knee being tackled on a QB scramble. Cimini of the Daily News said he had a slight limp in practice, but he will play Thursday night against Buffalo.

However, Rex Ryan has seen enough. You have to give him credit. When Sanchez was turning the ball over too much, he took a bigger role with the offense. Now, he's taking a bigger roll in teaching Sanchez how to get down and stay healthy. The Jets can't afford to get their franchise quarterback injured, so they brought in someone who knows how to slide, and can help teach their young QB.

So they looked to the New York Yankees for help. The Yankees sent none other than manager Joe Girardi (who had a memorable slide in the 1996 World Series) to Florham Park to teach Sanchez how to slide. He took about 10-15 reps on a mat on his right knee. As you may recall, it was his left knee that was banged up Sunday.


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