Saturday, November 14, 2009

NFL Picks: Week 10

2-1 last week, 15-12 on the year. Back-to-back winning weeks, let's keep it going. I like a lot of games this week, but I have to narrow it down to three, so here's what's left.

Cowboys -3 over Packers
I love Aaron Rodgers. I think he's a very good quarterback who is stuck with a putrid offensive line and a shoddy defense. And it's precisely those two reasons why the Packers will lose again. The Cowboys are simply the better team. Their pass rush should swallow up Rodgers, while they certainly have the offense to put some points on the board. Dallas is the better team playing well, and they'll beat the Packers.
Dallas 24, Green Bay 17

Chargers -1 over Eagles
San Diego is following the script. Play poorly early on, figure it out in the middle of the year, and go on a run late. Every year they start slowly, and every year they figure it out later. I learned my lesson picking an overrated NFC East team over the Chargers last week. This week, I'm doing the opposite. Remember what happened last time Philly traveled west? They lost to the Raiders. How do you beat the Chargers? You run down their throats. What does Andy Reid hate to do? Run the football. I rest my case.
San Diego 21, Philadelphia 16

Bengals +7 over Steelers
I love picking these Bengals games. This week, I'm back on Cincinnati to cover on the road in Pittsburgh. The Bengals can play with the Steelers and even beat them as they proved in the first matchup. Now they are 7 point underdogs? In a way, it reminds me of the disrespect they got being underdogs to Baltimore after having beaten them. Now, Troy Polamalu is playing in this game after missing the first matchup. That and home-field are enough to give the Steelers the win probably. But by double digits like they probably need? The Bengals are too balanced both offensively and defensively for that.
Pittsburgh 20, Cincinnati 16

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