Saturday, November 28, 2009

Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan play Red Light/Green Light

Rich Cimini of the Daily News found out how exactly Rex Ryan will be involved with the offense.

When a pass play is called from the sideline, Sanchez will receive a code word from Rex Ryan, the new, self-appointed chief of ball security. Ryan devised a method to help improve his rookie quarterback's awareness of game situations. The coach wouldn't divulge the specifics, but the Daily News learned that it's a simple red-yellow-green system, with each color telling Sanchez how cautious (red) or aggressive (green) he should be with a particular pass play. Down and distance, combined with the score, will dictate the calls.

It looks good on the surface. It sounds like a practical way for the coach to dictate how aggressive he wants his quarterback to be in particular situations. But if Sanchez forces interceptions on some of these "green light" situations, he'll be open to second-guessing.

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