Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How many Super Bowls can one team play?

Maybe the Jacksonville game isn't being looked as a Super Bowl, like the New England game was, but this is being treated as a playoff game.

So if the first Patriots game was the Super Bowl, and a game against the middle-of-the-pack Jaguars is a playoff game, where does next week's showdown with the Patriots fit in? Not to mention the intensity of the two Dolphins games.

Either way, it's all just words, and the Jets know what they have to do. They need to start turning their running game and good defense into more than just stats. They have to win, and it starts against Jacksonville.

They should be an angry and fresh team, and Jacksonville is the type of the team the Jets need to beat at home to separate themselves. A loss, and they need a miracle to make the playoffs.

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