Friday, October 2, 2009

Strickland and Sheppard OUT on Sunday

Cornerbacks Donald Strickland and Lito Sheppard will be out Sunday against New Orleans. Being shorthanded against Drew Brees and company is never a good thing. They have depth and speed at receiver and Dwight Lowery and Drew Coleman will be thrust into large roles against a quarterback who can and will pick on them. Kerry Collins is a decent quarterback, but Brees at home is the most productive quarterback in the league, and if the Jets can somehow make him throw 13 consecutive incomplete passes, like Collins did last week, then you can pretty much write this team down for a 9-0 start because that simply doesn't happen with Brees.

The dilemma will come with how the Jets attack the Saints' offense. One soft spot could be left tackle, as third-stringer Zach Strief will be making the start. First-stringer Jammal Brown was placed on IR after not having played a game this season, and now Brown's replacement, Jermon Bushrod, is out as well. Ryan will likely attack this side of the line. The Saints should counter by shifting their blocking schemes to help or by keeping TE Jeremy Shockey in to block.

This should be a fun chess match all game. The Saints' offense could put up 40+ points on almost anybody, and if the Jets blitz like they did against Houston and New England, Brees will probably get the ball out and in his receivers' hands quickly, so Lowery and Coleman both need to be at the tops of their games. Don't look for a whole lot of cover zero against New Orleans because the Jets should give their cornerbacks some help.

I'll have a full preview up probably tomorrow. The Sanchez video is making progress.

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