Sunday, October 25, 2009

NFL Picks - Week 7

First of all, sorry for the lack of a Sanchez video. I downloaded 3 different versions of the game, and not one wanted to work. I'll definitely keep working to get it on here because I wanted to see Sanchez's passes in the worst game of his career as much as anyone else, but hopefully, next week goes off without a hitch.

Now, my picks were 1-2 last week. Houston won straight up, but the Jets lost straight up, and the Titans were embarrassed. 10-8 on the year, so let's keep it above .500.

Indianapolis -14 over St. Louis
The Rams are bad. Really bad. And their only receiver who causes any reaction from defensive coordinators (Donnie Avery) is banged up. Steven Jackson might get a few yards rushing, but the Rams can't stop the Colts, and they can't score touchdowns. That's a bad combination. The Colts have had 2 weeks to prepare, and playing in a dome, they will feel right at home.
Colts 34, Rams 10

Minnesota +6 over Pittsburgh

The Vikings are 6-0 and now they are getting 6 points? I don't know if I trust Favre in this one, but the Vikings defensive front has a big edge up front, and as a result, they should stay in this game. The only reason Pittsburgh is getting 6 points is because Minnesota plays at Green Bay next week. Could this be a trap game? Perhaps. But I think Minnesota is the better team (until Favre breaks down), and I'll gladly take them getting 6.
Pittsburgh 21, Minnesota 20

Miami +7 over New Orleans

This is a great spot for Miami. They should have the edge in the trenches on both sides, and they can run the ball on anybody. They've had an extra week to prepare for the Saints, and they are at home. The Dolphins impressed me a lot against the Jets, and I like taking teams coming off bye weeks. The Saints could be facing a letdown after just playing the Giants in what was built up as the biggest game of the regular season to that point. The Dolphins are still flying under the radar a little.
New Orleans 28, Miami 24

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