Monday, October 19, 2009

Jets Try to Replace Jenkins

As expected, the Jets resigned DT Howard Green today after learning about NT Kris Jenkins's season-ending injury. Green had been released to make room for Danny Woodhead last week.

However, what is more interesting but shouldn't be surprising is that Mike Tannenbaum is exploring trade options for defensive tackles, according to Rich Cimini of the Daily News.

Whom might they be contacting? Chances are, they're looking at the same team they got Mark Sanchez and Braylon Edwards from: the Cleveland Browns. NT Shaun Rogers has had his run-ins with Eric Mangini and the Browns organization, and DE/DT Corey Williams is also said to be on the block. It's unclear what the Jets could give up, given the fact that they've already traded away so many draft picks, but one thing is clear, Tannenbaum will leave no stone unturned.

Personally, unless he finds a great deal, I don't understand how he could give up more draft picks. This upcoming draft is supposed to be one of the best in a while. While it's highly unlikely any trade would involve their first round pick, which could give them ammunition down the line to trade down and pick up more picks later, part of the reason they keep needing to make these trades is because the drafts lately haven't been that strong.

Most of the roster has very thin depth. The Jets have been somewhat fortunate with injuries until Jenkins went down Sunday. Trading more picks won't help alleviate that problem.

The trade deadline is 4:00 PM, Tuesday. Stay tuned.

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