Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jets Acquire WR Braylon Edwards for Stuckey, Trusnik

No, that title is not a joke. Shows me what I get for sleeping with my phone on alarm only rather than loud. 4 people text me saying the Jets get Braylon Edwards, and I'm just sleeping through it. It's just funny because I was talking with people on how Edwards must be the most hated man in Cleveland.

Not anymore. Edwards is now a New York Jet, as the Jets shipped WR Chansi Stuckey, LB Jason Trusnik, and undisclosed draft picks, reported to be a 3rd and a 5th rounder.

First reaction? WOW. Mike Tannaenbaum strikes again. This guy is a maniac. Brett Favre, Kris Jenkins, Lito Sheppard, Mark Sanchez, Shonn Greene, and Braylon Edwards are now among the Jets who have been traded for in the last two seasons alone!

Edwards is 6'3", 215, and coming off about 20 straight disappointing games after taking the NFL by storm in 2007.

This trade is reminiscent of the draft day deal with Mangini where the Jets gave five for one. This trade is four players for one, but yet again, none of the players are part of the Jets' core. Trusnik is a very good special teamer who has done whatever the team has asked of him, but he is replaceable. Stuckey is better suited as a slot receiver. He is promising, but Braylon Edwards is in a whole other class of talent.

He is big. He is fast. He is everything Jets receivers have NOT been ever since Keyshawn Johnson left. However, he has had terrible concentration problems, as he is tied for the lead in most drops since 2007 with 30. A change of scenery should be very helpful, as he had completely worn out his welcome in Cleveland, but if he slacks off in New York, like many felt he had in Cleveland, then nothing will save him. This trade is a risk, a pretty big risk. But the risk/reward factor here seems worth it.

Sanchez has struggled this year throwing the ball to receivers other than Jerricho Cotchery. Ideally, the Jets would have brought in a #1 receiver, slot Cotchery as the #2, and Stuckey as the slot receiver, but obviously Chansi is gone. Brad Smith and David Clowney should see a little more time at first while Edwards learns the offense.

What Edwards provides is a tall receiver who can help the Jets when they need to score in the passing game. He should be threatening enough to pull defenders outside the box, helping out the running game. And if not, he is dangerous enough to beat teams deep, so a few big plays could change teams' minds.

How about this to take your mind off the loss Sunday?

UPDATE: 11:10 AM: ESPN's Adam Schefter reports the 3rd-round pick the Jets gave up to Cleveland could turn into second-round pick if Edwards reaches an incentive this year. However, the incentive is based on number of catches this year, and the number is said to be very high.

Who does this trade help most offensively? It's hard to tell. Edwards's mere presence could open up running lanes. If he makes a few big plays, defenses will stop putting safeties on Dustin Keller, freeing him up to go against linebackers more often. Jerricho Cotchery will stop facing #1 cornerbacks and be the possession receiver he was born to be. He's a fantastic compliment to Edwards.

And, of course, it helps Mark Sanchez. He now has a big, tall, athletic receiver who can make plays on 3rd downs and in the redzone. Edwards's issues with drops and effort have been well-documented, but few players needed a change of scenery more. However, one thing he hasn't really been known for is whining for the ball. Sure, if he doesn't get thrown to, he won't be happy, but he's not Terrell Owens in that sense. And if he is, the Jets will just win on defense, and they may try and get something back for Edwards, who is a restricted free agent after the year.

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