Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dolphins beat Jets 31-27 in a "complete embarrassment"

Quick post-game thoughts...

*Hats off to the Dolphins. Chad Henne played fantastic football, and the Jets had no answer for the Wildcat. The Jets' defense did not come to play today, and their play in the fourth quarter was absolutely abysmal. The Dolphins deserved to win, but the Jets' defense now has serious chinks in its armor that need to be figured out soon.

*The game could have been much worse if it weren't for two fake punts and a huge pass interference call. The Dolphins were the better team, which is hard to admit, but they were on this day. If Henne can play like this, their offense will be pretty good all season. Because all of a sudden, the Dolphins are just a game back of the first place Jets and Patriots.

*The Jets' two leading receivers didn't have any catches in green and white this season until today. Braylon Edwards and David Clowney showed up. Edwards couldn't have had a better debut, and Clowney showed he could make a few plays in the regular season as well. They were about the only bright spots for the Jets in this one.

*Mark Sanchez continued to struggle. He made a few nice deep passes to Edwards and Clowney, but he made a number of bad throws. He didn't turn the ball over all game (neither did Miami), but he didn't make enough plays to win.

*The running game was actually pretty good today, better than it had been. Leon Washington led the way with a very good game. Brad Smith and Steve Weatherford's fake punts definitely padded the numbers though.

*Still, when all is said and done, the main culprit of this game is the defense. The linebackers were terrible all game. Calvin Pace kept saying he wanted to make an impact in his first game back. I didn't see it. Bart Scott and David Harris did not play well, and nobody tackled well. The Dolphins embarrassed the Jets with the Wildcat all day, and Chad Henne played better against this defense than Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, Kerry Collins, and Drew Brees did. The red zone defense which had been a strength all season long completely disentegrated. The line was consistently pushed backwards, and when Henne wanted to throw, he usually had guys to throw to, and he usually had time to throw. A week after the Bills sacked Henne six times, the Jets could not get a single sack. His passer rating? 130.4. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Terrible job by the Jets. I won't say same old Jets because that takes too much credit away from Miami. But two straight losses erases a lot of the good done in the first three weeks, and now that Houston, New England, and Tennessee don't appear to be as good as once thought, the question becomes how good are the Jets really?

They need to be 6-2 at the bye. Buffalo, Oakland, and Miami again are now more pressurized games. Buffalo is close to a must-win because teams that want to make the playoffs can't afford to lose home divisional games to horrible teams like the Bills.

Ryan called the game a "complete embarrassment." And he was right. He called it "a horrendous day for our defense." He is right. This has to change. I'm confident it will change, but the time is now. The Jets need to (and should) shred the Bills on Sunday to regain the swagger that they had early in the season or it could start to spiral out of control.