Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ryan, Sanchez Era Still Flawless. Jets 24, Titans 17

Well, if you had any lingering doubts about this team, it is safe to squash them. After a hard fought 24-17 win (which I may have predicted and will gladly pat myself on the back for), the Jets sit at 3-0, setting themselves up perfectly for the rest of the season.

Now, it’s time for my post-game stream of consciousness, where I post all my thoughts of the game as they come to me.

*J – E – T – S – JETS – JETS – JETS! 3-0! Who would've thunk it?

*Jerricho Cotchery is a playmaker. He's physical, he has good hands, and he's hard to bring down in the open field. Today, he was everywhere for Mark Sanchez with 108 yards on 8 catches and a touchdown. Cotchery still needs to prove he can be as productive in the red zone as he can between the twenties, but he's been Mr. Consistent for the Jets' offense.

*The defense allowed its first points in the redzone, but allowing 17 points is a solid performance without Calvin Pace, Lito Sheppard, and Donald Strickland. The Jets did not seem to blitz nearly as much this week during the game, protecting the cornerbacks more often. They didn't get as much pressure on Collins as they did on Tom Brady last week, but in the Titans' final possession, Collins was under fire.

*The difference in this game were the two special teams turnovers directly setting up two of the Jets' three touchdowns. Hand it to Jason Trusnik who made a big play on special teams early. The Jets then took advantage of a second Byron Mouton fumble on a muffed punt in the third quarter en route to the eventual game winning score.

*The Titans uniforms look better the more I see them, but at least they weren't those lime green Seahawks jerseys. What the hell was that about?

*Thomas Jones could get nothing going again. He struggled most of the game against Houston, who has gotten gashed in back to back weeks by Chris Johnson and Maurice Jones-Drew, and 14 carries for 20 yards is not a step in the right direction. It's still too early, but the man is 31, and if he keeps struggling, Shonn Greene may start to cut into a few of his carries. New Orleans will be a big game for him.

*Kerry Collins misfired on his last 13 attempts. Some of them were drops, but that shows how good the Jets' defense was, even without Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland.

*Why did Collins insist on throwing at Darrelle Revis enough for him to end up with six tackles and two pass defenses? Good job by the Jets putting him in position to be around the ball.

*Mark Sanchez continued his rock solid play. His one interception could have easily been a completion to Chansi Stuckey, and he showed good poise and accuracy throughout the game. However, he can't afford to fumble the ball like he did twice. I attribute a good deal of it to the ball being slippery in the rain, but that's no excuse. Still, you can't help but continue to be impressed by the rookie, as he is the first rookie quarterback to start 3-0 since the merger.

*It looked early on as if the Jets were going to continue their third down magic, as they converted on their first four attempts. That thought came to a screeching halt as the Jets were 0-12 the rest of the game on third downs. That's a dangerous stat.

*3-0 (all in AFC, 1-0 division) against Houston, New England, and Tennessee is very impressive, especially the way they've done it. New Orleans will be a very tough task in the Superdome next week. After that, the schedule gets much easier, especially with the unfortunate news that Chad Pennington might be out a few weeks with a shoulder injury. The Jets play Miami in weeks five and eight.

*The Jets did what they needed to do early, jumping to a 14-0 lead. That's what the Jets want to do: get the lead and pound the football. But the run failed them most of the game, and the Titans clawed back in the game. The Jets capitalized on a Titans mistake and then were able to lean on their defense down the stretch. If the Jets have a 7 point lead halfway through the 4th quarter, you have to love their chances.

*Oh, and those of you waiting on my weekly Sanchez video, I haven't found a file of the game yet, and I can't start the video process until then, so don't expect it until Wednesday or Thursday.


Whiskey said...

Hey, love your blog. Pretty sure the Jets won 24-17, however. Looking forward to the Sanchez video.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

The Jets did. Man, I even bragged I got the score right, and I can't even get the title correct. Oh well.

Thanks for reading. Expect the video up tomorrow sometime. "About 20 hours" until I can start working on it

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