Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jets vs Texans Game Thread!

Game 1: New York Jets (0-0) at Houston Texans (0-0)

This will be the JetsDaily game thread. I will update periodically with game updates.

Inactive list: RB Shonn Greene, G Matt Slauson, TE Matthew Mulligan, LB Ryan Fowler, CB Drew Coleman, and QB Kevin O'Connell. Erik Ainge is the emergency quarterback.


1:03 PM: Got some music pumping, ready to go. Today's choice? AC-DC - Thunderstruck, but I've been listening to some T-Rex, Tool, and Coheed and Cambria to help get me in the mood, too.

1:08: Bart Scott in the middle of the first 2 plays, drilling Schaub and getting in a little skirmish on the first play. Chris Brown able to pick up the first down. Brown is their short yardage back.

1:10: Jets showing a lot more aggression defensively so far. Some Texans are getting hit hard though. If they want to keep single-teaming Jenkins, it will keep happening. Jets force a punt with Schaub under heavy pressure by Harris after an all out blitz.

1:17: Jets go 3 and out. Sanchez never had much of a chance to succeed that possession after a 3 yard loss on first down.

1:19: Bart Scott with another hurry. The Jets are drilling Schaub almost every play they throw. This has to be a little bit unnerving for Schaub and the Texans. Jets are using Leon Washington back on punts, which is a bit surprising. Washington and Leonhard were both back for that punt.

1:24: Not too happy with the run blocking so far. But it's very early. Sanchez hasn't had to do much of anything yet, but the running game isn't helping.

1:25: Sanchez's first NFL first down on a fantastic effort by Chansi Stuckey on a bubble screen on 3rd down. Nice play.

1:27: There's Sanchez's first rookie mistake. He does a phenomenal job avoiding the sack, but he almost throws a pick trying to throw the ball away. Creative playcalling by Schottenheimer sets up a first down to Keller. This could be a little bit like the 2006 offense, where Pennington didn't have to do much except make accurate short throws.

1:29: Apparently the Jets Wildcat offense is called "Seminole" for Leon Washington's college. Either way, it's good enough for 7 yards on a direct snap to Washington. Faneca with a bad false start putting the Jets out of even long field goal range, unless they pick up some yards on 3rd and 88.

1:34: The Jets can't get ANYTHING going on first down, but they've come up with some huge plays on third down. You have to like what you've seen from Sanchez so far. Facing 3rd and 5 at the 6, we'll see if Sanchez can pull some more third down magic this drive.

1:37: Feely field goal is good from 23 yards out. 3-0 Jets. D'Brickashaw Ferguson called for unnecessary roughness. Remember when you never would have expected him to get a flag like that? I wouldn't mind seeing Gholston getting one of those...

1:41: A Vernon Gholston he chases Vonta Leach on a pass which he could not guard the fullback in the flat.



1:46: The Jets defense is already taking its toll on opposing teams. Andre Davis looks at David Harris instead of catching the ball. Harris drills him anyway, and Davis drops the first down pass. This defense has come as advertised!

1:48: Woody Johnson sitting between Joe Namath and Wayne Chrebet. How much would you love to be the fourth person in that group?

1:54: 11:28 remaining in the 2nd quarter. That's the first time an opposing fanbase booed their home offense because they can't get anything going against the Jets defense. The Texans take advantage of the Jets' aggression on a screen play on 3rd and 14, but still, you'll be hearing a lot of boobirds if the defense is this good without two starters. Bart Scott is very slow to get up after the play, so it might be three starters, soon, but it doesn't look too serious as he is walking under his own power.

1:59: SLATON FUMBLES! Jets recover as Donald Strickland pops the ball straight up in the air, Mike DeVito catches it, and the Jets stop a possible scoring drive!

2:04: Sanchez nearly throws a pick to Mario Williams as he just underthrew Ben Hartsock. Then on 3rd down, he makes another beautiful play, avoiding the rush and making a bullet pass to Chansi Stuckey who made a Wayne Chrebet-like play to just get open.

2:09: Sanchez's first career NFL touchdown to a wide open Chansi Stuckey! 10-0 Jets! No one guarded Stuckey! You couldn't ask for a better start!

2:20: Barring a collapse, the Jets will have a first-half shutout. Sanchez gets his first 2 minute drill with about a minute to go and one time out starting from almost midfield. And the best part is there isn't a whole lot of pressure on him as the Jets have done a phenomenal job on defense so far. They look like a brand new unit, just as Rex promised.

2:23: So the two minute drill doesn't go very well, as the Jets seem content to try one Hail Mary. Not sure if they're just happy going into half with the score the way it is or what, but a bit strange how the Jets didn't seem to try to score at all there. Either way, 10-0 at halftime and getting the ball in the second half. Can it get any better than that as a Jet fan? Sanchez looks great, and so does the defense.

Jets 10, Texans 0

What a first half! Everything is as good as advertised except for the running game, which could improve as the defenses respect the passing game more and more. The Jets have struggled on first downs, but their third down efficiency (6-10) has more than made up for it.

Team leaders:
Sanchez: 11-20, 154 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT

Washington: 8 carries, 25 yards
Jones: 5 carries, 1 yard

Stuckey: 4 receptions, 64 yards, 1 TD
Keller: 2 receptions, 43 yards
Cotchery: 3 receptions, 34 yards
Washington: 2 receptions, 13 yards

Harris: 3 tackles, 3 assisted, 1 pass defense
Strickland: 1 forced fumble
DeVito: 1 fumble recovered

No sacks for either team, but the Jets have been in Schaub's face all day. In the 2nd half, the Jets should tee off even more on the quarterback.

As a Jets fan, I almost want to turn the game off now because I don't think it can get much better than this. But a win here would be immeasurably huge for this team. 1-0 with New England coming to town is much more appealing than 0-1. Go Jets!

2:44: I thought the Jets didn't have enough weapons. Leon Washington, Dustin Keller, and Jerricho Cotchery seem to be doing fine. Jets catch a break as Jones fumbles, Woody recovers.
2:48: Thomas Jones with a one yard touchdown. Jets showing a ton of different looks on offense, and all of them seem to be working right now. 17-0 Jets! Wow! Glad I was wrong about this one!
2:56: This might be the best Jets defense I have ever seen. Granted, I'm only 21 years old, but still. This is the #3 offense in the NFL last year who missed their QB for 5 games last year. This is a team that's hard to keep under 30 at home. The Jets are shutting them out. Unbelievable start!
3:11: Texans went for it on 4th down in their own territory but failed. Jets can't capitalize, but the Texans are pinned at their own 11. 54 seconds left in the third quarter, Jets up three scores.

3:25: Texans get a burst of energy as Sanchez throws his first pick to backup safety John Busing. Ball gets fumbled and the faster Dominique Barber picks the ball up and runs it in for the touchdown. Unbelievable turn of events. 17-7 Jets. This game isn't over yet.
3:30: Dustin Keller with a 40 yard grab on 4th down! Huge play for the Jets as they're now almost in field goal range, and it breaks a streak of three straight weak possessions by the Jets.
3:33: Thomas Jones busts open a 38 yard touchdown the very next play! Touchdown Jets! 24-7 Jets!
3:44: I can't wait to see this defense against New England next week. The offensive line will be better, but I'd love to give Brady a few of those hits the Jets are giving Schaub. Donald Strickland and Kerry Rhodes flew at Schaub that play as he chucked a prayer deep hoping for a miracle. Lito Sheppard answered his prayer not quite the way he wanted. If I'm the Texans, I might take Schaub out. He could get hurt.
3:47: 39 yards for Jones around the right side. This Texans team is just being physically dominated by the Jets. I love it!
3:52: So proud of this team. 2 minutes to go. The Jets are going to be 1-0. I kept saying all offseason that I trusted Ryan and this defense, and I predicted Houston to put up 27 points just because Ellis and Pace were gone. Shows what I know.
3:59: This game is over!

New York Jets: 24
Houston Texans: 7

More later... Unbelievable game. Check out some stats here.


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