Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jets Sign Blocking TE Hartsock

It was no secret the Jets were looking for tight end depth, and today they took advantage of some first cuts, signing TE Ben Hartsock. Primarily a blocking tight end, Hartsock had just two catches last season for Atlanta after playing two seasons in Indianapolis and two more in Tennessee. He was originally drafted in the third round out of Ohio State.

Chances are, this is bad news for Kareem Brown in his transition to tight end as well as Kevin Brock. I project Jack Simmons to be the last tight end, though tomorrow night could change things.

On the Brandon Marshall front, nothing has changed except the Broncos said they will watch the Jets closely for tampering. Josh McRoberts, making friends wherever he goes. Like mentor, like disciple.

UPDATE: P Glenn Pakulak has just been waived.

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