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Cut-down day: Woodhead, Cole, Kracalik make final roster

EDIT (4:23 PM)
The full cut list is in.

Injured Reserve:
WR Aundrae Allison

CB Rashad Barksdale
TE Kevin Brock
TE Kareem Brown
RB Jehuu Caulcrick
FB Brock Christopher
S Emanuel Cook
LB Kenwin Cummings
OL Stanley Daniels
WR Britt Davis
K Parker Douglass
WR Marcus Henry
RB Anthony Kimble
DL Matt Kroul
T Nevin McCaskill
OT Ryan McKee
C Michael Parenton
DE Zach Potter
TE Jack Simmons
DL Ty Steinkuhler

Reserve/Suspended:DL Shaun Ellis
LB Calvin Pace

First reaction: CB Marquise Cole makes the final roster as well as the other 10 DB's I had before. That's 11 defensive backs. That can't possibly last. I had Cole making the roster earlier, but this is a bit of a surprise.

I make my thoughts clear on Danny Woodhead below.

Zach Potter is gone. Pitoitua gets the nod over Potter, which isn't much of a surprise. Both have some talent, and I expect Potter to be named to the practice squad.

Allison to IR? Not sure why just yet, but it's a good way to stash him for next year. With Danny Woodhead, David Clowney, and Ahmad Carroll all on the roster, Allison's talents aren't too unique just yet.

Kracalik is on the roster, too. He's huge and has shown some ability, so it makes sense they would keep him around, too. He won't play much.

UPDATE (4:59 PM)
Weighing in a little bit more on the roster (which is listed below.

QB: Sanchez, Clemens, Ainge
WR: Cotchery, Stuckey, Clowney, Smith, Wright
TE: Keller, Hartsock
RB: Washington, Jones, Greene, Woodhead
FB: Richardson
OT: Ferguson, Woody, Hunter, Kracalick
OG: Faneca, Moore, Slauson
C: Mangold, Turner

NT: Jenkins, Pouha, Green
DE: Douglas, DeVito, Pitoitua, Ellis
OLB: Thomas, Gholston, Murrell, Westermann, Pace
ILB: Scott, Harris, Renkart, Trusnik, Izzo
CB: Revis, Sheppard, Lowery, Strickland, Carroll, Cole, Coleman
S: Rhodes, Leonhard, Ihedigbo, Smith

P: Hodges
K: Feely
LS: Dearth

*Woodhead deserved to make the final roster, but he'll be lucky if he ever gets the ball. I expect him to get IR'd at some point this year if someone above him on the depth chart doesn't get hurt. I could see a phantom injury being the means of the Jets stashing him until next year, when Thomas Jones is likely gone.

*11 defensive backs? I doubt that lasts. 7 cornerbacks is a little overkill, especially when there's a glaring need for a third tight end. The problem is the three players who made the roster (Carroll, Cole, Coleman) are probably part of the best 53 on the team.

*9 offensive linemen is one more than expected, but if the Jets really plan on keeping Keller and Hartsock as the only two viable tight ends, then keeping Kracalik around allows for Hunter or Turner to be used as eligible tight ends.

*Aundrae Allison limped off in the Eagles game and was IR'd. There's no word on how bad his injury is, but this does allow the Jets to keep Allison around another year and not waste a roster spot like the Jets did with Clowney last year.

*Speaking of receivers, with Allison IR'd and Henry gone, there's room for another receiver if the Jets want to bring somebody in. Five receivers is fine to go into a roster with, but it lets them bring in a sixth if the right person is cut. Deion Branch could have been that guy if Seattle dumped him, but it looks like he's making the Seahawks final roster.

Original Post (12:00 PM)

I will update this as the news come in.

So far here's the cut list.

FB Jehuu Caulcrick
TE Kevin Brock
TE Kareem Brown
TE Jack Simmons
WR Britt Davis
WR Marcus Henry
LB Kenwyn Cummings
T Stanley Daniels

There was a link on Cannizarro's blog earlier that included RB Anthony Kimble and G Ryan McKee, but it's gone missing. Neither of those two players are expected to make the roster anyway.

One guy who WILL make the roster is RB Danny Woodhead.

I don't know how long Woodhead will stay on the roster because he has three backs firmly ahead of him. Unless one of them gets injured, and to this point, Jones and Washington have been durable, Woodhead likely won't get off the inactive list. Something tells me he'll get released down the line to make room for someone who can play more, unless they plan on bringing him onto the team next year when Thomas Jones is presumably gone.

I'll update this more when I have more information.

3 QB: Sanchez, Clemens, Ainge
5 HB: Jones, Washington, Green, Woodhead, Kimble
2 FB: Richardson, Christopher
6 WR: Cotchery, Stuckey, Clowney, Smith, Wright, Allison
3 TE: Keller, Hartsock, Dearth
12 OL: Ferguson, Faneca, Mangold, Moore, Woody, Slauson, Turner, Hunter, Parenton, McKee, Kracalik, McCaskill
7 DE: Douglas, Ellis, DeVito, Potter, Pitoitua, Steinkuhler, Kroul
3 DT: Jenkins, Green, Pouha
10 LB: Pace, Harris, Scott, Thomas, Gholston, Westerman, Murrell, Izzo, Renkart, Trusnik
8 CB: Revis, Sheppard, Lowery, Strickland, Coleman, Carroll, Barksdale, Cole
5 S: Rhodes, Leonhard, Smith, Ihebdigo, Cook
2 K: Feely, Douglass
1 P: Hodges

That's 67 players. For week one, the Jets can have 55 players, for week 2 it has to be down to 54 when Shaun Ellis comes back to the roster, and then it has to be down to 53 when Calvin Pace returns from his suspension.

Here are my predictions for the remaining cuts (also known as the guys in italics):
T Nevin McCaskill
T Michael Kracalik
G Ryan McKee
C Michael Parenton
K Parker Douglass
DL Matt Kroul
DL Ty Steinkuhler
LB Jason Trusnik
CB Rashad Barksdale
CB Marquice Cole
S Emanuel Cook
FB Brock Christopher
RB Anthony Kimble

Keep in mind that's 13 players. I think the Jets are going to keep an open roster spot for some interesting players that may get cut elsewhere. I'd be shocked if they go into week one with Keller, Hartsock, and Dearth as the only tight ends on the roster. They could use linemen to play tight end, but still, one more guy would be very helpful.

Carroll and Coleman also will need to watch out. 10 defensive backs is a lot for this team to carry, especially given the versatility that both safeties provide. It would be a surprise to see both those two and Strickland all last the season.

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