Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who are you and what have you done with...

...D'Brickashaw Ferguson. "My previous coach, we had a different approach," Brick said. "We operated differently. I feel now, with the coach we have, it's important to state what you're going to do and state the goals you're going to attain. I'm adopting that philosophy. When I say I'm going to the Pro Bowl this year, I honestly mean it. When I say we're going to win the Super Bowl this year, I honestly mean that, too. It's up to us, now that we put it out there, we're going to have to do the things that will cause us to be successful. I think we have the formula right." I tell you, that Rex Ryan is infectious! Too bad Vernon Gholston seems to be immune. But confidence can never be a bad thing. A Super Bowl appearance might be a stretch, but it never hurts to think that way.

...Mike Tannenbaum. The Jets sent a 7th round pick back to the Green Bay Packers that they had conditionally received from Green Bay in case Brett Favre played one year and retired, which he seems to have done. Why would the Jets send any team a free draft pick? At the surface, this makes no sense, and Tannenbaum hasn't given an explanation. There was a clause in the original trade that would have cost the Jets 3 first round picks if they traded Favre to Minnesota, but that should be irrelevant. A 7th round pick isn't much, and I have faith in Mike T in terms of making good trades, but this makes no sense right now.

Okay, now injury updates.

NT Kris Jenkins - still out of practice, "getting better"
RB Shonn Greene - sat out practice, should be back soon
DE Shaun Ellis - tweaked back today, not serious
CB Donald Strickland - kicked in shin by WR David Clowney, not serious
FB Tony Richardson - hip pointer, out for a few days


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