Monday, May 18, 2009

Mark Sanchez Has Arrived

The rookies report today, meaning Mark Sanchez, Shonn Greene, and Matt Slauson will all participate in camp. If you remember, Vernon Gholston could not compete in drills at this point because he had yet to graduate from Ohio State. All three rookies this year have no such issues.

The quarterback competition starts today. Of course, we'll know more in training camp, or even on Thursday when practice is next open to the media. That will be the first time Clemens and Sanchez are both seen at the same time by the media for head to head comparisons.

If you want to know how the early practice went, here's Chansi Stuckey's 140 characters or less review, courtesy of Twitter. "Practice was ok today. Defense was ahead of the offense but we will regroup and come back ready to compete tomorrow."

Still, the person who will likely benefit most from these practices is Greene. With Thomas Jones and Leon Washington still no-shows, Greene is the number one back and will get most reps. As a rookie who sometimes struggled with his grades in college, all the experience he can get will help.

Update (6:32 PM): Tweeeting the Jets. Since no media are allowed to talk about the practice, let's collect some of their perspectives, again from Twitter, in chronological order.

1. Dustin Keller: just at home studying my plays..always trying to perfect my craft
2. Jay Feely: Today was one of the most entertaining days of the year. First practice for the rookies, vets smell blood in the water and go for the kill
3. Jay Feely: Rookies come in wide eyed and don't know what to expect. The vets want to send a message, this isn't college and it's MY JOB
4. Jay Feely: Sanchez was a common target from the moment he introduced himself. Bart Scott did not let up all day and the D dominated
5. Jay Feely: Sanchez got some revenge when Scott was chirping the loudest he hit a 15yd out over Scott. Tomorrow should be fun