Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jets sign 2 tryout players, not Toal, plus the return of the Titans Unis!

Mini-camps is over (and sorry for not posting another Sanchez update, and he played pretty well, though not as well as day one). Most of the guys I wrote about, you'll barely hear from again. Still, with the Jets having just three draft picks and some depth problems, some of these guys will end up making the roster.

As for the tryout players, they just want a chance at a chance. These guys were out on the field for two days, hoping to show enough talent that the coaches would give them another chance in training camp (plus a couple thousand dollars never hurt anyone). Rookie TE Jack Simmons and first year DT Anthony Harris were both impressive enough to be signed to the roster.

Simmons started three years for Minnesota and was lauded by Rex Ryan after practice both days.

Harris was signed by Carolina last year out of Western New Mexico before being waived in training camp. He is also a long snapper, so he could challenge James Dearth and fellow newcomer Andrew Davie for the long snapping job.

As for who else stood out in training camp, DE Jamaal Westerman has been getting a lot of publicity. The 6-3, 260 pound Westerman could be a find for a team whose biggest need on paper (at least to me), appears to be a lack of a pass rush. Say all you want about the lack of receivers, and there is a big question mark opposite Jerricho Cotchery, but if this defense is going to be as dominant as Rex Ryan hopes it will be, they will need some help rushing the passer.

Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace are solid players who showed flashes last year of being very good, but neither is ever going to be a Terrell Suggs-like pass rusher. Vernon Gholston still thinks he can be one of the best players in the league, and the coaching staff hopes he can be the team's version of Suggs. We'll see. Westerman is basically the same size as Gholston at 6-3, 260 pounds, and he's shown as much in one mini-camp as the Ghost has in a year.

*In other news, the Titans uniforms are back, as in honor of the 50th anniversary of the AFL, the NFL has instituted some "legacy games" this season featuring throwback uniforms. The most interesting of which will be an old school New York Titans - Houston Oilers matchup when the current Tennessee Titans come to Giants Stadium week three (9/27). The Jets will also take the New York Titans show on the road when they wear the throwbacks in Oakland week seven (10/25).

I know a lot of you don't like the jerseys, but this is the NFL honoring the AFL. No reason not to wear the Titans jerseys at least once. Hopefully, this is the end of it though. Bring it back every few years. Don't make it an annual event.

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