Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should be an interesting weekend...

This should be an exciting weekend to be a Jets fan.

Not only is the NFL Draft this weekend, which is more than enough to feed my football appetite, but the possibilities are endless for what will actually happen. The 17th pick is in play. Mike Tannenbaum has been known to maneuver around the draft, and he's moved up in each of the past two first rounds after moving down on day one in 2006. He's also shown that he's willing to move picks for veterans (Kris Jenkins, Lito Sheppard, Brett Favre).

Now Anquan Boldin could be the next veteran brought in. ESPN's John Clayton reports that the Jets are "heavily involved" in talks for the star wideout. The Cardinals want a 1st and a 3rd round pick, but Boldin's primary suitor, the Baltimore Ravens, are only offering their first round pick (26th) and no more picks. They could expand the deal to include a player, but the Jets also could step in and take Boldin.

According to Rich Cimini
, the Jets feel the 17th pick is too much for Boldin, who has played 16 games just twice in his six year career. They may opt to trade down and then try to make a move, but it's hard to say if the Cardinals will budge from their hefty asking price.

Would you be in favor of acquiring Boldin? Here's a scenario that could happen.

Jets trade 1st round pick (17) for Philadelphia's 1st round pick (21) and two 5th round picks (141 and 153).

Jets then swap the 21st pick for Boldin, picking up two 5th round picks in the process.

I think the deal makes a lot of sense for the Jets.

A more complicated deal could involve Thomas Jones, who is holding out of voluntary workouts. Arizona has a hole at runningback, why not expand the deal to include Jones and get another pick back? The Jets could then draft one of a number of talented 2nd round backs to form a tandem with Leon Washington. Also, if the Jets draft Knowshon Moreno, there's a good chance Jones could be shipped elsewhere.

The other scenario involves moving up to get Mark Sanchez. If he slips past Seattle at #4, the price of moving up would probably be something like a 1st, 2nd, and a 6th. It would be a steep price to pay, but if Sanchez is truly a franchise quarterback, it would be worth it. Multiple outlets have reported the Jets are very interested in the USC quarterback, and a trade-up should not come as a total shock. The target pick is supposedly #8 with Jacksonville.

Quick hits.
*The Jets announced that they would have training camp in SUNY Cortland, in upstate New York, rather than the friendly confines of Florham Park. Rex Ryan says it will help build team unity; meanwhile, the Jets are throwing a bone to New Jersey fans by allowing them public access to mini-camp.

*The Jets signed 6'8", 337-pound tackle Mike Kracalik. He was originally signed by the Jets in 2005, and then played sparingly in three seasons with Baltimore. The 26-year old tried out in mini-camp last week and was impressive enough to earn a contract.


Norman Elias said...

As you said Mr T is known for making moves on draft day, I have not heard anything as regards our interest in Anquan Boldin though. However should we choose to acquire him I will be ecstatic. One good target to help either of our 2 young quarterbacks will be a great move.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

The question with Boldin is whether or not you are willing to give up a first round pick, even if the Jets do trade down a little bit first, for a 29-year old who has had some injury problems and may have a chronic hip injury. This question is especially pertinent after letting 31-year old Laveranues Coles walk. Personally, I think Boldin would be worth it if the Jets can pick up some later picks in an initial trade down (like I have in my post).