Monday, April 13, 2009

Schedule to be released tomorrow

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 14) at 7:00 PM, the schedule will be released, so you can start making plans for trips, and start to really look at the 2009 season, especially with the draft at the end of the month.

Here's what we know. The Jets will play the following teams in 2009.

Home: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Carolina
Away: Buffalo, Miami, New England, Houston, Indianapolis, Oakland, New Orleans, Tampa Bay

All that matters now is the order. Hopefully, the Jets get Buffalo week two or three, when Marshawn Lynch is suspended. Why not week one? They're playing New England week one on Monday Night Football as part of the NFL's plan to ease Tom Brady back into the spotlight.

Or maybe TO's.

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Norman Elias said...

I would love to see us open at Buffalo and end the season with Miami at home. We will find out later tonight