Saturday, April 25, 2009

If the Jets move up to take Sanchez...

...they better be damn sure he's the guy. Sanchez looks the part and he interviews well, but trading up again, neglecting young depth at other positions in the process, would be a complete disaster if Sanchez fails.

If he becomes a franchise quarterback, moving up would be an absolute steal, but he had better be that good. With Vernon Gholston off to a horrid start, Sanchez could make back-to-back busts, and considering what it would take to trade up, that could mean the end of Mike Tannenbaum.

The Jets' GM would be putting his entire reputation on the line by moving up. Sanchez has the look and the feel of a franchise quarterback, but one year as a starter is his biggest red flag. Most likely, he would have to sit and learn for a year before he took over, but Kellen Clemens and Brett Ratliff don't exactly have much knowledge to pass on.

But if the player the Jets want slips to #8, the NFL Network reports that there is a deal in place between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Gang Green. Presumably, that player is Sanchez.

So here are the most likely scenarios with the first round pick.

1. Trade up for Mark Sanchez. Yes, I'm putting it #1 because I'm convinced that's what the team wants to do if he slips to pick 8.
2. Trade up a couple picks (or stay and pray) for WR Jeremy Maclin
3. Trade down to take WR Percy Harvin or possibly WR Darrius Heyward-Bey or TE Brandon Pettigrew. I haven't heard many rumors of a trade-down, but if the guys the team really wants are gone, I could definitely see them moving down to pick up more ammunition to use in trade-ups later on in the draft.
4. Stay put and take any of the previously mentioned guys.
5. Take QB Josh Freeman. (unlikely)

And here's a YouTube of Mr. Sanchez from the Penn State game. It's every pass he threw in that game, so it's not simply highlights.

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