Thursday, March 26, 2009

No updates until next Monday

Just giving readers a heads up that I'm shipping up to Boston this weekend (well, tomorrow at 9:00 AM, about 6 and a half hours from now) to watch Villanova kick Duke's ass, and then take on either Pittsburgh or Xavier in the elite 8. I'll have limited computer access, so if any big Jets news comes up, I may not be able to get online to post it.

Though, if the Jets were to somehow trade Vernon Gholston, Kellen Clemens, and the 17th pick for Jay Cutler, I'll find a way to get on here. Okay, I'm just dreaming with that one.

Go Nova! Feel free to use the comments to root for Syracuse, UConn, or whatever team you like. Or even trash college basketball if you want, I don't care.


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