Monday, March 2, 2009

Full transcript of Bart Scott conference call

It can be found right here.

Here are some of my favorite lines.

"We played last year to get Rex a head coaching job. That is what one of the goals was over on the defensive side. Let’s play so good that they have no choice, but to recognize our defense, but then recognize the man that’s pulling the trigger."

"The quickest way to earn your teammates’ respect is for them to know that you will sacrifice yourself for them when the time comes and in turn expect them to do the same. When it is time for me to go in there and take on three guys and end up on the ground and get up dizzy and David (Harris) makes the tackle or someone else, Calvin (Pace), makes the tackle I am going to get up and celebrate with them. When it is his turn to (take on blockers) I want to do it as well. That is how you build a team. That is how you build a bond. You have to have trust. You can’t just put stars together and expect to get immediate results unless you get guys that are willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of the team. The byproduct of that is the Pro Bowl, is the defensive MVP."

"We won’t back down from anybody. We won’t take a step back from anybody. You guys can expect to see a very physical, violent (defense). I do not know if this division has ever seen a violent defense. It is one thing to be physical and make a tackle. It is another thing to be violent."

"I have no problem with talking. To tell you the truth, you have to shut me up. That is why I did not call the plays out there because I was too busy fighting."

"I didn’t want to go to a Cover-2 team. A team that was going to tell me ‘bend, don’t break.’ I’ve always been an aggressive player and I wanted to play an aggressive style of defense for a great fan base."

"I have only really been starting for three years. Ray Lewis got hurt in ’05 and I started from Game 7 on out (that year). My first year under the new contract was three years ago and I went to the Pro Bowl. I was used mainly as a hammer. I was blitzing a lot, a lot of man-to-man coverage, I was used really aggressively. The second year we lost Adalius Thomas and I was more of a cover guy. I have always been a good run-stopper, but I was a cover guy. This year, I was less aggressive and we kind of put it all together. I was blitzing a little bit, but I was more of a cover guy, taking the team’s best pass receiver other than the wide receivers. The good tight ends, the (Brian) Westbrooks of the world. I feel like I am putting it all together. I am rounding it out. I look forward to this year being able to put it all together and take the next step."