Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Schottenheimer meets with media

Brian Schottenheimer's day to face the fire has finally come! Today, he fielded questions from writers in a conference call, and we'd finally get some more answers on Brett Favre both about his past and future, what went wrong with the offense down the stretch, and how he truly felt about not getting the head coach's job! Finally, we Jets fans could receive some closure to what happened down the stretch and to the various mini-dramas surrounding Schotty Jr.

Just kidding. You didn't really believe all that, did you? But he did meet with the media, answering various questions, but in typical Jets' fashion, he didn't add a lot of insight. Here's the supremely abbreviated version.

*He hasn't spoken with Favre yet, but he would "welcome" him back and that he enjoyed their relationship.

*He was admittedly disappointed at not getting the head coaching job, but he felt good working with Rex Ryan and with the team.

*Ryan will have a say in the offense, so Schottenheimer will not have complete autonomy. No surprise here, the head coach should be involved.

He also spoke highly of Leon Washington, saying they want to get the ball in his hands and they know how good he is. But I also wanted to share a quote from Erik Boland's blog that he made about David Clowney when he was asked if the speedster can be the deep threat the team needs.

"One play sticks out in my mind: we had him on an inside fade route against Seattle. He got on top of him [the defensive back] and Brett underthrew him a little bit...David’s a guy when at you’re at practice, you feel his speed, even if you're not watching him. You know he’s around because he’s so fast. To answer your question, yes."

It's all well and good to say that and write that now. But the kid needs a chance to play for him to prove anything. Last year, the Jets couldn't even get him on the field. He has the potential to be a major deep threat, but how can you be too excited if he couldn't get on the field down the stretch? As good as Brad Smith is on special teams and as versatile as he can be offensively, if Clowney can help the passing game, he needs to be out there.

*Hell of a Super Bowl, wasn't it? One of the best I have ever seen from start to finish. We're getting spoiled after the last two games went down to the wire. Parity is in full effect, but the game is due for a blowout next year. Hopefully, Rex Ryan can deliver his promise and it can be the Jets on the winning side of that. This year would have been ideal with Joe Namath handing out the trophy, and Jersey's Finest, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band playing at halftime, but you can't always get what you want, especially with the green and white.

*Early prediction for halftime next year? Bon Jovi. The band has done opening day before, and they are coming off the highest-grossing tour of 2008. Maybe not next year, but they will do it at some point.

*Oh, and speaking of Namath, Ryan has already reached out and spoken to the franchise's most popular star. How can you not love the guy so far? In October we may be singing another tune, but he's done almost everything right so far.

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