Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Favre tells Jets he plans to retire

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that Brett Favre has told the Jets he plans on retiring! If this is true, then good for Brett for making an early decision and giving the Jets ample time to secure a replacement. Of course, he could always change his mind, but let's assume for the time being that someone else will be behind center in 2009.

The move would save $13 million dollars in salary cap space and singlehandedly put the Jets under the salary cap. Kellen Clemens, Brett Ratliff, and Erik Ainge remain on the roster and will battle for the starting job, probably with one newcomer as well.

Favre would be retiring with 464 career touchdowns, 310 interceptions, 65,127 yards, and a QB rating of 85.4. It's been a phenomenal career, but it's time for him to go.

More news as it breaks...

Update (11:22 AM): Here's Favre's e-mail to Ed Werder, in which he expresses gratitude to the Jets organization.

"Mike and Woody, as well as the entire organization, have been nothing short of outstanding," Favre said in an e-mail to Werder. "My teammates -- Thomas and Kerry included -- were a pleasure to play with. Eric [Mangini] could not have been any better. I enjoyed playing for him. My time with the Jets was short, but I'm honored to be given that chance."

UPDATE (10:18 PM): The Jets will receive a 7th round pick in the 2010 draft from Green Bay as compensation for Favre retiring after just one season in New York.


Anonymous said...

I guess Brett is not going to have a tearful farwell number two. Farve is no great loss. I would like the Jets to look at Jeff Garcia.

Ben said...

i'd be happy if they picked up byron leftwich and drafted josh freeman.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

Garcia? He would be a decent third option with Ratliff or Clemens, but he's far from a long-term solution. But I'd be shocked if we brought him in. Woody himself said that he would like a skilled, strong armed quarterback manning his team in New York. Garcia is like Pennington in that way.

And Ben, you'd like both? I don't know, I'd like Clemens and Ratliff to stay on the roster, and bringing in two guys would eliminate that. And you can completely forget about Erik Ainge, not that he's very good.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

Sorry, forgot to comment on Freeman. He's got the arm and the athleticism, and I liked some of what I saw of him in college. I wouldn't want him at 17 though. Mark Sanchez, sure. But unless he wows people in the combine or does something to elevate his stock in the coming weeks, I'd go elsewhere in round one.

Leftwich is actually one of the guys I would like to see brought in. I think a battle between him, Ratliff, and Clemens would result in a pretty decent quarterback.