Monday, February 16, 2009

Broncos Release DT DeWayne Robertson

*Former Jets' first-round pick DeWayne Robertson was released from the Denver Broncos today. Denver gives up on Robertson just one season after trading for him from New York last year. What did they give the Jets? Absolutely nothing. But don't lynch Mike Tannenbaum: getting D-Rob's salary off the books was worth it. He only managed 22 tackles and 1.5 sacks this past season.

But for as mediocre as his play was last year, that wasn't the main reason he was cut. His salary cap number next year was going to be $16 million dollars! No, that is not a typo. He'll latch on elsewhere, but the chances of him ever living up to his vast potential are slim and none.

**Speaking of first-round busts (too soon?), Vernon Gholston has a mildly interesting interview with Rich Cimini. The sixth overall pick didn't even manage one sack last season, but he thinks last year was "tremendous" for his growth. He doesn't exactly sound fired up, but he's always been a rather quiet person. The problem is that he was just as silent on (though usually off) the field.

But bravado only goes so far. This was DeWayne Robertson after his rookie season.

"My goal is to dominate. Can't nobody block me. ... People are going to see the real Dewayne Robertson this year. Whatever they're saying about last year, well, they'll be singing a different tune now.”

You still wish he would show some fire, though. I'm not asking for the next "Can't nobody block me," but I would like him to sound a little angrier for his disappointing rookie year, rather than coachspeak. Everything he says is correct, but this outward lack of fire was one of his knocks coming out of school, and so far, he has yet to disprove that notion.

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Tony said...

It's not too early to call Gholston a bust at all. At this point, I think the best we can hope for is that he turns out Brian Thomas-ish, which is a bust for the kind of money the Jets had to pay him.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

It was just one year though. A new coaching staff and a new system, I'll give him another chance to start to show something. But last year, for the 6th overall pick, was simply appalling, and one of the worst rookie years for a high pick in recent memory.

I know you were against the Gholston pick from the start. I wasn't in love with him, but I felt that with his sack production and measurables, the Jets simply could not pass him up. Now we have three highly paid OLBs, and we don't even know if one can rush the passer consistently.