Monday, January 12, 2009

Spagnuolo interview again Monday

One day after his team's 23-11 loss to the Eagles, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will be interviewed by Jets' brass Monday. His first interview was not particularly impressive, but he's a top candidate for the job, and the Jets are giving him a second opportunity when he's more single-minded.

He's considered one of the top candidates for the job. Cimini had him as the favorite.

Another favorite, Brian Schottenheimer, is set to interview again. So is Bill Callahan, though he's a darkhorse at best.

I know many Jets fans are angered that Schottenheimer would be so strongly considered for the job. Well, if you want proof that the Jets aren't the only team who likes him, both Miami and Baltimore were interested in him in 2006 and 2007. Some argue that Mike Tannenbaum simply wants a coach he can control, and Schottenheimer would fit the bill rather than a more experienced coach, but I don't buy that argument.

I wrote the case for Schottenheimer the other day. He keeps continuity, just with a new voice at the top, and he's a smart kid. The Jets may think they have a good thing going and they need tweaks, not an overhaul.

Because with Spagnuolo, the Jets may be set back briefly switching to a 4-3 front, which their personnel was not acquired for.


Anonymous said...

Spags is highly over-rated. Rex Ryan is loved by his players and only wants the toughest people to play on his team. This is exactly why NOBODY wants to play the Ravens. NFL teams like the Steelers are actually intimidated into saying they don't want to play them.

Can you imagine anyone ever saying that about the Jets? That would be nice.

Anonymous said...


Mackenzie Kraemer said...

Thanks for the comments, but isn't Spags loved by his players, too? His players are pretty tough, too.

And also, to be fair, nobody wanted to play the Ravens defense long before Rex Ryan was there.

And thank you anonymous for the tip.