Monday, January 19, 2009

Ryan: 4 years, $11-12 million?

As I, and pretty much every other news source has reported for the last week, Rex Ryan is the head coach of the New York Jets. The deal is for four years, and sources say it's similar to the deal Steve Spagnuolo received from St. Louis.

The news conference will come Wednesday, as expected. Ryan will be the fourth Jets coach since 2000 and the 17th head coach in franchise history.

He will keep the 3-4 that the team has been running for the past three years, but given his upbringing as the son of Buddy Ryan, who was known to place bounties on opposing quarterbacks, he will make the defense be much more aggressive. His interview apparently blew the Jets away, and he feels much more prepared to be a head coach this year as opposed to the last two seasons.

New coach John Harbaugh elevated Ryan to assistant head coach before the season started, partly so the defensive coordinator wouldn't bolt after getting the head job, but also to reward his loyalty.

Here's what Ryan had to say about how that promotion better prepared him for the top job.

"I learned a ton. I was blessed to be in this situation under John as the head coach, being around (offensive coordinator) Cam Cameron and a lot of the new guys who came in here. I certainly don't have all the answers, but it was great. The way John treated me to be side-by-side in some of the head-coaching decisions was great for me. I think I'm more prepared to be a head coach now because of that."

Now, we can finally move on with our offseason. Wednesday's press conference should be a lot of fluff, but it will be the first time many Jets fans will get to meet their new head coach, and we the fans can finally find out what sort of direction this team wants to go in.

UPDATE (1:06 PM):
According to, SNY reports that Brian Schottenheimer will stay with the Jets. Personally, I don't know how such a report can be particularly valid, considering Ryan hasn't been introduced as coach yet, and I doubt he's really spoken to the Jets' offensive coordinator. Reports surfaced last week saying Ryan was willing to keep Schottenheimer, so if that was true, and this is true, then it appears likely he will stay. Still, I've seen PFT be wrong on things before, so don't treat this as fact yet.


breakthecycle said...

ok, now we just need to find a good QB (assuming Favre leaves.) a coach can only be as good as his QB and personnel department. I love how Rex only wants players who love to hit though. That's exactly the kind of players we need. I remember reading a story where it said that he sat down prospects and showed them brutal ravens film, and asked them "do you want to be a part of that?" Anyone who hesitated was dismissed. I love that!

We are now only a QB, a cornerback, a free safety, and a WR away from serious contention. Ugh.

What do you think are the chances we make a serious run at Julius Peppers? He wants to play in a 3-4.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

I think Peppers may be out of the Jets' price range, but it's really hard to know what direction the Jets may go in. We'll know more on Wednesday, when Ryan officially is a member of the Jets. Peppers could be an option, but after last year's spending spree, I think Mike T might take it a little bit more slowly. If they do go and get a bigger name, I'd expect it to be Terrell Suggs or Bart Scott from Baltimore. Maybe even Ray Lewis, but that would surprise me.

I don't know how much more help we need at CB, FS, and WR. Abram Elam makes a lot of plays. He's no star, and we need to bring in competition, but I'd have no problem with him starting.

As for cornerback, we definitely need to draft someone else. Still, the pass rush is the main problem. Even if we signed Nnamdi Asomugha to play on the other side, if we don't have a pass rush, teams will still throw the ball on us. I still have a lot of faith in Lowery, though he would be a better fit in a zone defense. Maybe he can play free safety?

That's a great story about Ryan. A few things worry me about him, namely the fact that the Ravens have always been good and have always had the talent, even before Rex got there. I definitely admire his attitude though, it's what I've always wanted my football teams to think like.

I can't wait to find out what exactly a "Ryan guy" is. We heard for Mangini's first two years all about "Mangini guys." New coach, new philosophy.