Sunday, January 4, 2009

Latest on Jets Coaching Search

*Ron Meeks will be interviewed from Indianapolis. He is the current Indianapolis defensive coordinator. I hate to bring up race, but in a situation like this, you have to wonder if Meeks is a legitimate candidate, or if he is simply going to be interviewed because he is African-American.

His qualifications include being in the NFL coaching community since 1991. He also had two interviews for the Washington Redskins coaching vacancy this past offseason. That job eventually went to Jim Zorn.

I'd be shocked if he actually got the job though. The Colts play a 4-3 predicated on speed. The Jets play a 3-4 predicated on size, with virtually no speed across the board.

This information courtesy of Mike Francesa and the NFL (and posted by yisman on various message boards).

*Cardinals' assistant head coach and offensive line coach Russ Grimm will likely be interviewed. He was passed on for the Steelers job last year, and while I'd love Grimm on my staff, the word is that he may not be suited for being a head coach and that he might be a better fit as an assistant.

It's worth noting that Grimm has never been a coordinator in his career, though he has been an assistant head coach since 2004 with Pittsburgh and Atlanta.

*The most interesting news of the day is that Brian Billick may emerge as a candidate. According to Erik Boland's blog, no interview has been scheduled, but the coaching search is still in the preliminary stages.

Billick led the Ravens to a Super Bowl title and was considered a very good head coach for years. But he was billed as an offensive genius when he was the Minnesota Vikings' offensive coordinator, and that never panned out with the Ravens. The lack of development from Kyle Boller also hurts.

Still, he is the most qualified of all the candidates so far. Here's a short list of the names so far, courtesy of Rich Cimini.

Known Candidates:

Steve Spagnuolo, Giants D.C.
Brian Schottenheimer, Jets O.C.
Bill Callahan, Jets AHC
Rex Ryan, Ravens D.C.
Russ Grimm, Cards AHC
Jeff Jagodzinski, Boston College HC
Billick, Funny Beer Commercials
((I laughed at that one, Rich))


Ron Rivera, Chargers D.C. (Helped himself last night)
Leslie Frazier, Vikings D.C.

*Missing from the above list is Marty Schottenheimer, who doesn't appear to be scheduled to be interviewed any time soon. However, things can change quickly.

*Rex Ryan certainly helped himself out today, didn't he? His defense intercepted Chad Pennington four times in a fantastic performance. The question with him if he were to make the jump to Jets' coach would be how he could run a defense without studs like Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, and of course, Ed Reed.

*Finally, Dave Hutchinson reports that the early frontrunner is Brian Schottenheimer. That may have made you sick to your stomach, but remember, if he's the head coach, he probably will not be calling plays. Most consider him a bright young football mind, and he had a chance at the Miami job two years ago.

He grew up in a football family, and if he were to be hired, there would not be nearly as much coaching and roster turnover as there would be if a foreign coach were brought in. Plus, if Favre does come back (though the latest reports have him telling Mike Tannenbaum that he should start looking in another direction), Schottenheimer might make the most sense.

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