Saturday, January 3, 2009

Latest News, Notes, and Rumors for the Coaching Search

Since we last left you on "As the Jets coaching staff turns," Steve Spagnuolo and Rex Ryan were looking like the two primary candidates with both Schottenheimers, Bill Callahan, and maybe Mike Shanahan also looking like possibilities.

*Since then, there's been a report by Chris Mortensen saying that Brian Schottenheimer is a serious candidate. I would not be surprised if Brian is a legitimate candidate, since teams have been interested in his services in the past, but if he gets the job, the primary reason is to keep Brett Favre in the same offense. It won't be easy to convince me otherwise.

*Multiple reports have also said that Mike Shanahan is not interested in the job, or that he at least wants extra time to think about whether or not he wants to coach this year and the Jets won't give him that time. Others say he isn't interested in the Jets. No matter the reason, don't expect him to be the next HC of the NYJ.

*Mike Francesa was saying yesterday that Spagnuolo was the favorite for the job. The Giants' defensive coordinator is this offseason's hottest coaching commodity, though there are questions about his experience and how well his 4-3 defense would translate to the Jets. Francesa went on to say that he felt that the Jets were going to bring an up-and-coming coordinator as their coach, even if it wasn't Spags.

*Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski will be the next candidate to interview. He helped Matt Ryan develop from a decent NFL prospect to the third pick in the draft, and he also led an undermanned BC team this season to the Music City Bowl.

However, he was also Green Bay's offensive coordinator in 2006, so he's worked with Favre before. If Favre's going to come back, Brian Schottenheimer and Jagodzinski seem like the two best candidates to work with him, but hiring a guy just to work with a 40-year old, potentially washed up quarterback, could be a serious mistake.

*Francesa also reported on WFAN yesterday that Ron Rivera was going to come in for an interview. Rivera is a name that has long been bounced around as a potential coach, but he's not that serious of a candidate. A former Bears defensive coordinator, Rivera replaced Ted Cottrell in San Diego, but judging by the way the Chargers played defense this season, no one on that staff should get a promotion.

*Finally, let's address some of the Favre rumors. Thomas Jones said he was sick of his interceptions. An anonymous player ripped Favre, calling him aloof and saying there was a lot of resentment for the future hall of famer.

But the biggest punch comes from former Eric Mangini confidant, boxing coach and analyst Teddy Atlas. Atlas said what many Jets fans fear, that Woody Johnson demanded the Favre trade and that he might have meddled in everyday affairs, choosing Favre over the team itself. He also called Favre a "selfish" player.

I really, really hope that Favre retires. I was in favor of the move, but only if the Jets knew when to cut the cord if things went poorly. Favre might improve with a whole offseason with the team, but he also might just be finished playing at a high level. Nothing wrong with that, he is older than any other starting quarterback in the NFL after all. There's only a problem if the Jets let it be one. And it appears like they are.

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