Friday, January 23, 2009

Jets deny Lions permission to speak to Schottenheimer

Well, that settles that.

In an obvious sign that Brian Schottenheimer will be back as offensive coordinator, the Jets blocked him from interviewing with the Detroit Lions.

If the Jets won't let him go to an 0-16 team in the NFC in a completely separate market, they won't let him go anywhere.

The front office really likes Schottenheimer and Bill Callahan in their separate roles. Personally, I'd do everything it takes to bring Schottenheimer back, but this is seeming kind of petty on both sides. Still, all the Jets are doing is forcing Schottenheimer to honor a contract that he signed. It looks as if he'll have to suck it up and coach another year here.

I wouldn't worry about it affecting his performance coaching though. If he truly wants a head coaching job, it wouldn't look good on his resume if he were to tank.


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