Monday, January 19, 2009

ESPN: Rex Ryan to Jets

Well, the Ravens are out of the playoffs, and to no one's surprise, Baltimore defensive coordinator Rex Ryan is set to become the next head coach of the New York Jets.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports
that Rex Ryan has told confidants that he will accept the New York Jets coaching job, which is going to be offered to him.

A formal announcement is expected later today (Monday), and his first press conference as the 17th head coach of the New York Jets organization should come Wednesday.

Now, we can finally get on to other things within the organization, namely how to improve a 9-7 football team and make them into a Super Bowl contender. The most pertinent offseason personnel question regards Brett Favre's future, and once Ryan is head coach, we can officially start to understand how Ryan ticks.

Another rookie head coach. Parcells was 9-7 in his first year. Groh was, too. Herm and Eric Mangini were both 10-6. As much as the last three's reputations were tainted by the way each one's regimes ended, they all had varying degrees of early success.

Let's hope Ryan can up the ante even further.


Jehovah said...

AWESOME! Now our defense and our team might actually have an identity we want! like, that other teams might not want to play us! out of fear.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

People in Baltimore have said Rex is a bit of a players' coach, and that is why he didn't win that job. His dad was also a much better fit as a DC than as HC.

Still, I like the move, and he seems like the anti-Mangini in all the ways I didn't really like Mangini. Hopefully, it all works out. I'm going to set up a poll soon I think.

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