Wednesday, December 17, 2008

NFL Playoff Scenario: Week 16

By now, every Jets fan knows that wins against Seattle and Miami lock up the division and also the #3 seed in the AFC. But the Jets can also win the division even if they lose to Seattle next week. The Miami game is vital though.

As far as the division is concerned, this week's game against Seattle is meaningless if New England loses a game. It matters in seeding with Denver, but if the Patriots lose once, the Jets lose to Seattle, and the Jets beat Miami, regardless of what the Dolphins do this week, the division is theirs.

But what about a wild card berth?

Root against Baltimore and Indianapolis. A Baltimore loss against week 17 would be enough if the Jets' loss was to Seattle. A Baltimore loss this week would pin the tiebreaker on strength of victory, which I imagine the Jets would be sitting pretty in. Indianapolis would require a major collapse though, as they are a game ahead of the Jets right now, so they would need to lose twice.

However, clearly the goal is the division. Two more wins, and they are in, likely facing the Ravens or Patriots round one in the Meadowlands before a trip to the loser of this week's Tennessee-Pittsburgh game.

But without any further ado because I am really tired right now, here is who you should root for in week 16.

1. New York Jets over Seattle Seahawks (just in case you weren't sure, Jets -4.5)
2. Arizona Cardinals over New England Patriots (Cardinals +8)
3. Dallas Cowboys over Baltimore Ravens (Ravens +4)
4. Buffalo Bills over Denver Broncos (Bills +7)
5. Jacksonville Jaguars over Indianapolis Colts (Jaguars +6.5)