Monday, December 15, 2008

"El' Play" Stuns Bills! Jets Win!

What a win! Forget the negative aspects. This was essentially a playoff game for the Jets, especially with New England and Miami winning their respective games. And no matter how they got there, the important thing is that Gang Green escaped with a win 31-27 over the Buffalo Bills.

Maybe, El Play isn't the best nickname. Listening to people's suggestions for play nicknames on 1050 ESPN Radio's postgame show got me trying to think of some. Ellis and Elam both start with the letters "El," so it's not horrendous...

Okay, nevermind.

That play was the most exciting play I have ever seen at a live Jets game though.


The magnitude of the game
Lose, and the Jets' playoff chances may slip away, putting them in 3rd.

The randomness of the play
Hank Poteat did have an interception in the 4th quarter, but other than that, did the defense show ANY signs of stopping the Bills until that point? The fans were far too quiet for such an important play, seeing as the game was not yet over. Most fans had given up all hope, and the way the defense was playing at that point, can you blame them?

The play itself

Watching an unblocked safety or cornerback blitzing from the blindside is one of the most exhilarating moments during a game. You could see a bonejarring hit, a forced fumble, interception, or incompletion, or nothing if the quarterback recognizes it and gets rid of the football.

Then the hit came. Then Elam ripped the ball out. Then the ball came loose. Then it squirted loose again. Then Shaun Ellis grabs it, breaks a tackle, and scores!

A sack, a forced fumble, a fumble recovery, and a touchdown in the most critical and dire of moments. That, my friends, was a miracle.

My great view
20th row, 3-yard line, it occurred right in front of me on the opposite side of the field. I jumped up and down, hugging my dad, while the rest of the section was in a state of euphoric bliss like I can't recall ever seeing.

There were a lot of negatives in this game, the vast majority of which lie with the defense, and I will elaborate on that soon, but right now, who cares? Worry about that tomorrow.

The bottom line is the Jets needed to win this game and they did. One down, two to go, and the #3 seed is theirs with Denver's loss.

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Anonymous said...

Brett is showing his age. I watched a tape of the game last night. Bretts passing was awful. He also seems to have lost some zip. On his long throws his windup looks like he's throwing a javelin. My guess is he is one year and out.