Monday, November 10, 2008

Trap game? HA! Jets trounce Rams 47-3

Most teams in the NFL will wish they had a lead all season of 40 points or more. The Jets had a 40-0 lead at halftime.

What is there to really say about this game? The Jets were able to get pressure on Marc Bulger and Trent Green, leading to a strip sack touchdown, two interceptions, and an overmatched Rams offense. They ran the ball better than expected, but most of the game was garbage time, so the Jets were playing pass.

Just look at these numbers.

*The Jets scored on all eight first half possessions and even once when the Rams were on offense.

*Reggie Hodges only had to punt once.

*All four Jet possessions in the 2nd quarter started in Rams territory.

*Thomas Jones ran for 149 yards on 26 carries for 3 touchdowns, his best Jets performance.

*Leon Washington added another 54 yards on 12 carries.

*On the Jets final drive, which they could have easily scored on if they wanted to, they moved 67 yards on 13 plays, every one a handoff, followed by three kneel downs. taking off the final 11:09 off the clock.

The mood in the Jets locker room was very amicable, but from listening to the postgame show, players seemed focused on the upcoming game against New England, fully aware of what is going to be at stake. The Rams game, however dominant, is just one win against an NFC opponent. This week is the biggest game of the season.

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