Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jets vs Bills live blog!

I'll update this blog as the game goes on as my internet allows me to. Go Jets!

Inactives list:
QB Brett Ratliff
K Mike Nugent
WR David Clowney
CB Justin Miller
SS Eric Smith
ILB David Harris
TE Bubba Franks

For the Bills:
DE Aaron Schobel
WR Josh Reed
RB Xavier Omon
CB Ashton Youboty
RG Brad Butler
T Demetrius Bell
DT John McCargo
QB Gibran Hamdan

First Quarter

(1:02 PM): Jets win the toss and receive. Leon Washington with a nice return to the 38 yard-line.
(1:04 PM): Huge screen pass to Leon Washington! Getting the little guy involved early for a huge game. 80 all-purpose yards for him so far and the Jets are in business.
(1:07 PM):The third screen pass of the game (all three of Favre's passes so far) falls incomplete. 3rd and 8 and Keller drops a pass over the middle, so here comes Jay Feely for an early field goal. Bills have sent pressure. Feely makes the kick. 3-0 Jets.
(1:10 PM): Leodis McKelvin with a great return, as he patiently waits for a backdoor hole to arise, giving the Bills the ball at the 43.
(1:11 PM): Big lapse in coverage as Marshawn Lynch hits a 42 yard gain, wide open. Edwards was under pressure, but a linebacker (Bowens?) blew coverage.
(1:14 PM): Big return by each team, followed by a big screen pass. The Jets settled for 3 after a dropped Dustin Keller pass on third down. Can the Bills capitalize? Dwight Lowery was just called for a borderline pass interference. The good news for the Jets defense in the 2 pass plays is that they got to Edwards each time. Unfortunately, he was able to get the passes off both times. The Jets have been there, they just haven't made the plays so far.
(1:15 PM): Another play, another blown coverage. Touchdown Bills. 7-3 Bills.
(1:19 PM): You get the sense that special teams will be a big factor in this football game. If that's the case, advantage Bills, but Leon Washington is always dangerous as well. By the way, so much for Robert Turner not lining up as a tight end eligible, as he just lined up out wide as a receiver.
(1:21 PM): Leon Washington is pretty damn impressive, isn't he?
(1:22 PM): 3rd and inches, and the Jets get stopped, wasting a great effort by Leon Washington. This is not a good start, but a good punt pins the Bills back at their own 15.
(1:25 PM): PRESSURE KNOCKS THE BALL OUT! EDWARDS FUMBLES! Darrelle Revis forces and recovers a fumble! Jets in business!
(1:26 PM): Favre and the Jets try to give it right back with a fumble on the next play. Leon Washington pounced on it, but that's a waste of 1st down. Favre then gets hit as he throws, and 3rd and goal from the 6.
(1:27 PM): Favre throws it away. Phenomenal coverage by Buffalo, and the Jets waste a golden opportunity. Ugh. At least he threw it away, something I clamored for from him last week. Feely makes the 26 yard field goal, 7-6 Bills.
(1:31 PM): Coles was wide open on the 3rd down play. Favre didn't see him. Still, at least he didn't force a pick. Lynch fumbles, Bills get it back though.
(1:32 PM): The Jets run defense has answered the call early on. Will the pass defense ever catch up? The tackling has been quite poor so far, but a Bryan Thomas penalty will give the Bills 15 more yards.
(1:39 PM): Finally the Bills make a mistake, as Fred Jackson dropped a screen pass. Good pressure on Edwards on 3rd down should force a field goal.
(1:40 PM): The Jets had them with a 4th and 11. Instead, Mangini gets cute, takes the penalty to push them back, and they get the first down as the defender fell down. Horrible.
(1:43 PM): Mangini is praying his team can get a stand here on 3rd and goal. NEVERMIND! MANGENIUS IS FORGIVEN AS ABRAM ELAM RETURNS AN INTERCEPTION FOR A TOUCHDOWN!!! 13-7 Jets!

Second Quarter

(1:53 PM): Kris Jenkins is a monster. And this run defense has continued to be pretty dominant. The short passes continue to be deadly though. Having the lead makes things much better though.
(1:56 PM): 2nd and 12 at the 19. The Jets have to hold them to a field goal to make up for the offense's inability to put touchdowns on the board.
(1:59 PM): The defense holds! A huge stop on 4th and inches, and the Jets take over on downs!
(2:03 PM): What an interesting stat, 15:08 without the Jets' offense even getting on the field, and the Bills lose 7-0.
(2:05 PM): Coles caught that pass. That should be a first down. Let's see if they overturn it. As for a few other games, 21-3 Kansas City? Really? Tyler Thigpen caught a 37 yard touchdown pass; I can't wait to see that highlight. Cincinnati is also up 14-0 on Jacksonville. If the Jaguars lose, they'll be 3-5 and will have a tough uphill climb. Detroit also is up by 10 early on Chicago, so the bad teams are showing up early on. And the play stands.
(2:11 PM): Favre has been under pressure, but he's been hitting his receivers well this drive. Nice to see a hurry-up offense trying to gain some momentum. First down throws are making 2nd down consistently short yardage this drive.
(2:16 PM): Thomas Jones with a big run, and the Jets are once again in the red zone. A touchdown here would be absolutely huge.
(2:20 PM): A screen pass and a draw play, and the Jets are back in 3rd and long. The Jets are taking as much time as they can off the board because the Bills have no time outs left, so they will have plenty of time to think of a play to get 12 yards.
(2:23 PM): A receiver screen? I know you don't want Buffalo to score, but that is the definition of conservative. I don't have a big problem with it, but it's definitely from the playing not-to-lose style of coaching. Assuming Feely makes the kick, they will be up by 9 points heading into half most likely.
(2:25 PM): And then Feely shanks the kick. Playing not-to-lose fails again, and you have to wonder when Jay Feely runs out of opportunities.

Halftime thoughts

Both teams go into half wondering what might have been. The Bills can't be pleased that they had the ball for 15 minutes without letting the Jets touch it, but they couldn't come away with points either time. The Jets can't be happy that they're finally winning the turnover battle and have had three chances in the red zone leading to 6 points. The Jets take the 13-7 lead, but the Bills get the ball to start the 2nd half. It wasn't pretty on either side, but it's been entertaining.

Third Quarter

(2:57 PM): 4 trips to the red zone. 3 field goals. 20 yard field goal from Feely caps a very good drive, but still not 7 points. 16-7 Jets.
(3:00 PM): Marshawn Lynch is back, but the Bills still have no hope rushing the ball so far. Jets need to cover the receivers better though.
(3:07 PM): Jets had a good opportunity to stop them on 3rd and 8, but Drew Coleman is beaten from the slot. Still, it's always good to see other team's fans booing their home team.
(3:09 PM): Jets with a big stop on 2nd down, but an 8 yard pass on 3rd down gives Rian Lindell a long 53 yard kick. And he drills it. 16-10 Jets.
(3:14 PM): Leon Washington is a genius. And the underneath passing has been there all game. They've been bending but not breaking. This is a big drive to extend the lead back to two scores.
(3:16 PM): 35 yards on the play action to Cotchery! 1st and goal Jets. THOMAS JONES TOUCHDOWN! 23-10 Jets!

Fourth Quarter

(3:33 PM): So right after a Rian Lindell missed field goal, Favre throws a bad interception to Jabari Greer returned for a touchdown. Unreal.
(3:38 PM): Jets get one first down, but the Bills have some momentum now. 10 minutes ago, this game could have been over. Now, the Bills will make every yard difficult.
(3:45 PM): This is one of those drives where the Jets are telling the Bills, "We are going to run the football, and you can't stop it." 7 minutes off the clock in this drive and counting. A field goal makes it a two score game, so a touchdown is not necessary.
(3:54 PM): 8:41 off the clock that drive. Buffalo is gutted with no time outs and just 2:12 on the clock, needing to make up two scores. 26-17 Jets.
(4:01 PM): And Darrelle Revis intercepts Trent Edwards to ice the game. 26-17 Jets is your final! The Jets move to 5-3, tied with Buffalo. A New England loss tonight and your New York Jets are tied for first in the AFC East!


Joe M. said...

you have to bee happy with what the jets were able to do in the first half. Everything worked well except their red zone offense.

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