Saturday, October 18, 2008

Week Eight NFL Picks: 9 in a row?

3-0 last week. 6-0 last 2 weeks. 11-5-2 on the season. Now THAT is more like it. I'll put up a preview of the game against da Raidazz tomorrow, but this should be able to reveal a lot of how I feel about the game tomorrow.

I got the time, so let's look at all of last week's games, and see what we learned.

Jets 26, Bengals 14
You take a lot more away from the Bengals in this game than the Jets. With Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB, the Cincinnati offense is inept, and each first down is a victory. Their defense is underrated, but the offense is just so bad that it's hard to watch. The Jets made some mistakes, but they did what they had to do, unlike Washington. Watching Brett Favre lead the Jets offense to a touchdown right after a strip-sack returned for a touchdown gave the Bengals a 7-0 lead was a thing of beauty for Jets fans, and it showed that they weren't about to have a let down.

Saints 34, Raiders 3
The Raiders let JaMarcus Russell loose, and 22 incompletions to just 13 completions later, Tom Cable realized he's not ready. They will try to revert to a run-first, run-second, run-third offense because Russell can't lead them to victories. The Saints have an explosive offense, and their offense did what they had to do against a bad team trying something they simply could not accomplish.

Packers 27, Seahawks 17.
Seattle is awful. Charlie Frye is awful. Green Bay isn't quite as bad because Seattle is usually tough to beat at home, but until proven otherwise, the Seahawks are one of the five worst teams in the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is a very good quarterback.

Eagles 40, 49ers 26
San Francisco simply cannot stop the run (or the pass, really). They made Correll Buckhalter look like Brian Westbrook out there. Eagles scored 23 in the 4th quarter to pull away and win. Bad choke job by San Fran, who might get destroyed by the Giants this week. The Eagles are a good team, but performances like this don't convince me they are among the NFC elite.

Rams 19, Redskins 17
This had all the makings of a trap game for Washington, but still, it was hard to go against a team that had just beaten the Giants and Cowboys, both on the road, especially when the Rams looked abysmal for four weeks. Washington was the better team, but when you lose three fumbles, you don't deserve to win. Redskins are still a good team, and the Rams are still bad.

Colts 31, Ravens 3
I admit, this one surprised me. I thought the Ravens defense would be able to slow the Colts down enough to keep it close. For a month Baltimore was a better team than Indianapolis, but Peyton Manning is back. Watch out, AFC. I still need to see them do it again though. Baltimore is a pesky team, but with a rookie QB, their upside is limited.

Buccaneers 27, Panthers 3
A blocked punt and a pick six in the first quarter works wonders for teams. Tampa Bay needs to make plays on defense and special teams, and they did, and then they were able to efficiently run the ball on Carolina until the game ended. Tampa is a tough team to come from behind on. So is Carolina, for that matter, who should bounce back.

Texans 29, Dolphins 28
The first of the truly exciting games. A back and forth battle between two evenly matched teams. Both have talent and can play with good teams (ask the Colts, Pats, and Chargers), but neither is a true contender. Houston's offense looks dangerous now with Schaub, Slaton, Andre Johnson, Kevin Walter, and Owen Daniels, which could lead them to some upsets, while we've already seen what the Dolphins can do. Neither team will make the playoffs, but both are sneaky upset picks.

Falcons 22, Bears 20
Kyle Orton and Matt Ryan combined for 587 yards in this game! Both defenses had bad let-downs toward the end, but my opinion of both quarterbacks has improved immensely because of this game. The Bears' offense is no longer a complete joke, and the Falcons organization is no longer a complete joke. I don't know how much I believe in Atlanta yet, but at 4-2, you can't ignore them.

Vikings 12, Lions 10
Seriously? Lions QB Dan Orlovsky running out the back of the endzone for a safety marks the difference in this game? Brutal defeat for the Lions, who played hard. Minnesota tried as hard as they could to lose, making one big passing play to Bernard Berrian for 86 yards and kicking a field goal at the end to win the game. The teams combined to go 5-28 on first down. Ugly, ugly football game, and it does nothing to tell us who the Minnesota Vikings are, which still remains a question.

Jaguars 24, Broncos 17
Denver's offense is good, but until the defense can stop teams, they're not going to beat the top teams in the AFC. Jacksonville makes a big statement on the road that they are still a top contender, even without any receivers. Two teams known for giving the ball to several different runningbacks were forced to give the ball to one guy each, and both Maurice Jones-Drew and Michael Pittman responded.

Cardinals 30, Cowboys 24
Who are the Dallas Cowboys? Well, who they were in this game, and who they are now with Brad Johnson and Roy E. Williams is a new question, but is Dallas that good? They have no secondary, and as exciting as Marion Barber is, he hasn't been as effective as people hoped he would be as the feature back. Arizona couldn't run the ball either, but they were able to make enough plays to win the game on both sides of the football. The Cardinals are dangerous.

Chargers 30, Patriots 10
Well, what do you know, the Chargers showed up this week! The Chargers might have the most talent in the AFC, and the Patriots were never in this game. Matt Cassel looked awful, showing that the Patriots are no longer among the elite in the AFC. San Diego is a tough team to read, but this game shows some of their potential. New England sits at 3-2, but they are a very unimpressive 3-2.

Browns 35, Giants 14
It isn't surprising that Cleveland played hard and were able to score. What was surprising was just how little resistance the Giants defense provided. Derek Anderson was able to settle into a comfort zone and run the offense perfectly. Eli Manning threw his first two interceptions, including one returned for a touchdown which essentially ended the game. Cleveland isn't this good, but this game should provide a ton of confidence for them. Until I see otherwise, this is just a fluke and a wake-up call for the Giants.

Now onto this week's games...

New York Jets -3 at Oakland Raiders
This line shows that people do not believe in the Jets yet. A good AFC team would be favored by more in this spot, but to be fair, Oakland usually responds well off blowouts. Still, Kris Jenkins is playing, and that means the Jets will be difficult to run on. If Oakland can't run the ball, they proved last week that they couldn't score through the air. Oakland's defense has typically been victimized by whoever DeAngelo Hall is guarding. That means Nnamdi Asomugha will either take out Laveranues Coles or Jerricho Cotchery, but the other should be able to have a good game. The Jets will not be phased playing in the Black Hole, having played there seemingly every year this decade.
Jets 28, Raiders 10

Cowboys -7 over Rams
I hate to pick two road favorites as my top two picks, but the Rams are awful. The Redskins shot themselves in the foot constantly, otherwise St. Louis would still be winless. I know they have no secondary, and I know they have Brad Johnson starting ahead of Tony Romo. I don't care. St. Louis won last week, if Marion Barber, Terrell Owens, Roy E. Williams, and Jason Witten put some points up early, the Rams could easily fold up shop. Dallas was embarrassed last week to an underrated Arizona team, they should take it out on an overmatched Rams squad.
Dallas 27, St. Louis 13

Saints vs Panthers over 44.5
New Orleans can score and they don't play defense on the road. Carolina has a great run defense, but New Orleans will throw the ball more anyway. Marques Colston, David Patten, and Jeremy Shockey should also both be back for the Saints, giving them three more weapons to put up points and help the over. The Saints haven't played on the road in a while, and I expect Jake Delhomme to throw early and often to Steve Smith, and they'll try to get the ball to their playmakers in space.
Saints 28, Panthers 24

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