Sunday, October 26, 2008

NFL Picks: Week 8

Well, 0-3 last week, kills my run. 11-8-2 on the season, but I'm pretty happy with these picks.

Rams vs Patriots under 43
The Rams' defense has finally shown up to play in recent weeks. The offense? Yes, last week against Dallas was good, but I'm still not a believer, especially since Steven Jackson is banged up. New England can't really throw the ball; last week was an aberration until Matt Cassel shows me he can play against someone other than Denver. Both defenses are pretty good, and I expect this to be a tight, low-scoring game.
Rams 21, Patriots 20

Eagles vs Falcons under 45
Philadelphia plays under games after the bye week, and both teams have pretty good defenses. Philadelphia should be able to contain the Falcons' offense, and I still don't think Philadelphia's offense is that great. Kevin Curtis is probably back, but how will Westbrook be? Both teams really want this win, and that could mean a more hard-fought game.
Eagles 23, Falcons 17

Arizona vs Carolina under 43
Let's do three unders! I was originally going to do Carolina -4 because I'm very confident in their defense playing against an Arizona team playing on the East Coast. The Panthers are always play good defense at home. The bye week could help Arizona adjust, and I think their defense could come out with a good performance. Carolina should make Arizona one-dimensional, and a well-rested Arizona team should be able to hold an average Panther offense enough to keep it under.
Panthers 24, Cardinals 17

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