Monday, September 22, 2008

First half thoughts

Disgraceful performance so far. 31-14 deficit and the Chargers can do what they want on the Jets' defense. They've limited them rushing the ball so far (20 carries, 64 yards), but they're still able to gain enough positive yards to make 3rd downs easy, so they can convert those 3rd downs (6-8).

Two big plays, one kick return by Leon Washington, one pick-six by David Barrett, have kept it mildly respectable, but the Jets are in danger of getting blown out on national television.

Winning this game is not out of the question, but the Chargers look like a juggernaut offensively, and the Jets are so out of sync offensively, it's hard to see a comeback. But you can never count out a Brett Favre-led team.

Update (10:22 PM): This is bad.
Update (11:07 PM): Well, an onsides kick and 9 more points, and it's not quite so bad anymore. Still, 15 points need to made, and the Jets need to stop the Chargers offense. Starting at the 20 is a good help.


Anonymous said...

Brett looks like he did in Green Bay - missing receivers and forcing the ball where he shouldn't. Jets should have known there was a good reason Green Bay didn't want him back. His best days are behind him. Time to bench the old man and start building for the future.

Mackenzie Kraemer said...

Thanks for the comment, but Brett looked much better last season than he had in previous seasons. Before last season, I would have agreed with you. And even Brett when he was down, you could still never count him out.

At 38-14, however, this is a huge hole.

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