Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick hits so far

*Clemens looked alright. 4-6, 31 yards, nothing much to see there.

*Thomas Jones: 4 carries, 11 yards. He had no running room, and he couldn't make anything happen. Just like last year, but I'm not complaining yet.

*The defense is struggling. As I type this, the Browns are about to score again. They're running slants, and the defense has no answer.

*Yep, now it's 14-7 Browns.

*Ratliff to Clowney for 71 yards on the other Brett's first throw. Those two made some noise at camp, and now they've scored in an actual preseason game. Clowney then made a nice tackle on special teams. On Ratliff's second throw, he nearly threw a pick going over the wrong shoulder.

*A weather delay? Seriously? I was watching at a bar, and all I saw was the players all running off the field. I put two and two together and figured there was lightning, but with no sound, it was kind of strange.

*Big Brother 10 is just a bunch of guys lying down without their shirts off. This is not what your audience wishes to see, CBS.

*More CBS issues. The one-sided interview with Joe Namath. If you didn't catch this, Ian Eagle and Greg Buttle were interviewing the great Jet quarterback. They asked him a question, no response from Namath that we could hear, but the announcers laughed like they could hear him. Then they asked another question, and CBS cut all the audio feed because it was pretty hilarious.

Then after a timeout and a commercial break, they were back with the interview. Once again, no Namath feed. This time, they went on with the interview for almost the entire Browns possession. Laughable job.

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