Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Jesse Chatman Saga

Is he or is he not cut?

I don't know. Dave Hutchinson says yes. Rich Cimini says not so fast. So what's the truth? The news definitely doesn't look good for you Jesse Chatman fans if you want him to be a Jet, but if Cimini is correct, the Jets are going to attempt to trade the veteran runningback.

I lean toward believing Cimini, but who knows for sure. We'll find out tomorrow or soon after.

The other reported cut players are TE AJ Schable, FB Jehuu Caulcrick, CB Hank Poteat, NT Thomas Johnson, and LB Matt Chatham. Caulcrick, Chatham, Poteat, and Chatman would all be surprises at this point. The fact that some of them are cut isn't unexpected at all, but at the first stage is a bit surprising.

Poteat played a major role in the secondary last season as one of the few defensive backs who was actually trustworthy.

Schable appeared to be seriously injured against Washington, but he recovered to play the next three games. He wasn't expected to make the team.

Chatham was a member of the Jets active roster the last two years, earning the ire of many Jets fans. He wasn't a bad player, but he's certainly replaceable.

Johnson played seasons with Houston and Dallas, but he was a longshot to make the team.

Caulcrick is a bruising rookie from Michigan State. I thought either he, Musa Smith, or Chatman would make the team. Apparently not.


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