Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isn't this strange seeing the Jets on the front page everywhere?

Granted, it's all Favre, but still, this is crazy. Favre says his arm feels "fatigued" and it makes the front page of every sports website. Jericho Cotchery (as ESPN spelled his name, sorry, Jerricho) was interviewed on SportsCenter. It's everywhere.

The news isn't all that great though. Favre didn't have a particularly good practice Wednesday, throwing one bad interception to Abram Elam and made some interesting comments after practice.

“My arms’ kind of dragging a little bit today. It’s not really sore, just fatigued. To be honest with you I’m surprised...I don’t want to say I feel good but that I’ve been able to make it through every practice so far. I think maybe this afternoon I’m going to talk to Eric (Mangini) about limiting my throws a little bit (for the afternoon practice). I didn’t throw the ball very well this morning. No pain, but I’m 38 years old, gotta be fatigued a little bit. My arm for the most part has felt great, legs a little big fatigued. You gotta figure I’m a little behind these guys, like Damien Woody said to me this morning, ‘I’ve been here since the 19th (of July) doing all this stuff.”

That's taken from Boland's blog. He's an old man and he's tired. I'm not too concerned that he's tired because it was to be expected, but Favre knows the plan, and he insists that he likes it here. One thing I might expect to become a controversy at some point is the final preseason game. If Favre plays, he's doing more work before the first game. If he doesn't, and he looks rusty in week one, it'll be a big deal.

But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it..

One interesting note from practice though, and this is what has to excite Jets fans about Favre. During the two minute drill, Favre was concluding a slightly disappointing practice, facing 4th and 10 from his own 47 in a two minute drill. Then Brad Smith raced down the sideline, Favre hit him perfectly in stride for the touchdown and the "win." Say what you want about Pennington, but he would never do that.

Other notes...

*Ahmad Carroll has been impressive returning punts. He could be a darkhorse to win that job. Leon Washington, Chansi Stuckey, and Dwight Lowery are the other, more touted prospects.

*Kellen Clemens is still the backup quarterback. Don't believe the rumors to the contrary, though Ratliff has looked pretty good.

*Bryan Thomas made a nice play, forcing the ball out of Dustin Keller's hands. Don't be surprised if Thomas steps up and plays the way he did in 2006.

*Shaun Ellis likely will be out of Saturday's game against Washington with a hand injury.

*David Clowney was hurt in the morning practice. No word on how serious the injury is, and he was supposedly walking fine after practice.

Finally, one last Favre note. Laveranues Coles still isn't talking to the media, so people are concerned he's upset with Favre being here even though he was good friends with Chad Pennington. The new quarterback spoke with Coles, hoping that they could develop a rapport and that he just wants to win, not replace his friend. They're fine.

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