Saturday, August 9, 2008

Favre's first practice

Before we get to the good news, let's catch up on a few things that have happened between Thursday night and today.

*Backup tight end A.J. Schable was released from the hospital. Great news as that injury looked like it could have been a bad one.

*Linebacker Brad Kassell has been placed on IR. It's blow to the depth at linebacker and the first major injury for the Jets roster. Offensive lineman Thaddeus Coleman was signed to replace Kassell, who was the special teams captain. Coleman is 6'8" from Mississippi Valley State.

*Chad Pennington signed with Miami. 2 years, $11.6 million dollars. Chad got what he wanted, a starting job (most likely), but Miami is going nowhere this year, and he's not a good enough quarterback anymore to make a difference. I wish him luck, and hopefully he can resurrect his career (but not too well). See ya, week one!

Now, practice. It was a festive atmosphere at camp today for Brett Favre's first practice, as expected. Favre showed off his cannon arm several times, but there was some rust, both on Favre's end and on the receivers' end. Favre is still getting used to playing football again, and the new playbook isn't making things easier.

Something interesting to watch will be how the receivers, backs, and tight ends adjust to Favre's passes. Going from Chad Pennington, who throws the softest, easiest to catch balls in the league perhaps to Favre is a major change.

He did throw an interception to Matt Chatham that was tipped at the line, but for the most part, he showed more good than bad.

*Brett Ratliff and David Clowney will make the team. I don't know what this means for Eric Ainge, but Ratliff had another great practice. After his great performance on Thursday, he's going to be the no. 3 quarterback. If Kellen Clemens doesn't watch out, Ratliff might even be the primary backup, but he's still got a hill to climb for that role.

Clowney scored on a long end-around for 50 yards. He might just be that element of raw speed the Jets have lacked at receiver since Jonathan Carter. Hopefully Clowney's play in camp and in the first preseason game can translate into big plays in actual games.

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