Monday, July 28, 2008

Practice canceled today

Practice was canceled today. Conspiracy theorists, rejoice in thinking this has something to do with the F-word, but the only news on that front is that he did file his reinstatement papers, so it does look like he will officially play, and the cancellation probably has nothing to do with that. Mangini is living up to his promise to lighten up the camp load, so that's a good sign. Good coaches can adapt and learn. Mangini was questioned about trying to force his methods to the Jets, especially regarding the 3-4, but this offseason is going a long way towards fixing that. Of course, it means nothing if the Jets don't win games, but it looks good on paper.

Mike Tannenbaum was on the WFAN morning show with Boomer and Carton, where he did what he does best, saying nothing.

“Here's where we're at with that. Teams call us, we call them as we’re tweaking the roster throughout training camp. Those conversations have been and always will be private between us and other teams and this is no different."

That's about as interesting as it got as far as today's news goes.

Some good stuff in the beat writers' blogs such as Vernon Gholston blowing past some of the second stringers. Boland has some information about that yesterday. The quarterback race is obviously far too early to call, Cimini says Pennington is the early leader based on play alone, but neither quarterback has lit it up.

Some other news and notes.

Leon Washington is getting primary reps at kick returner, but Darrelle Revis, Chansi Stuckey, and former Pro Bowl returner Justin Miller are also getting chances.


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