Thursday, July 31, 2008

Kellen: 6, Chad: 0

That's the INT total after another pick thrown by Clemens, this time by Drew Coleman. Eric Boland reports that he was having a better day than he had been until this pick on the last throw of the day.

*Boland also praises Dwight Lowery's play in camp. The San Jose State product was billed as a guy with a nose for the ball, and he's lived up to that reputation, being around the ball. He's not overly fast, so he will (and has) been beaten, but he's got a chance to be another fourth round steal for the Jets. Justin Miller and David Barrett still have the inside tracks to start, so don't get your hopes up too high just yet.

*Laveranues Coles (left leg, hamstring?), Matt Chatham (foot), and David Harris (left thigh) all missed practice. None of these injuries are considered too serious, though this was Harris's second straight day sitting out. Leon Washington also missed practice, but this was due to his hard work this offseason.

“He distinguished himself in what I think was our most competitive offseason,” Mangini said of the 2007 Jets MVP. “For him to stand out the way he did, I think it’s a very good reason why you’re seeing him having the camp he’s having."

*Cimini offers a few interesting things as well. If you're wondering about rookie Vernon Gholston, he got a few reps with the first-team defense, splitting time with Brian Thomas.

*QB Brett Ratliff also received two reps with the starters. Ratliff has impressed at times, and Mangini is giving him a reward for his hard work and play so far. Plus, it gives him a chance to prove himself with the big boys. A poorly thrown interception to James Ihebdigo.

That's about it. Nothing on the Favre front. Here's my latest article on the Yankees' trade for Pudge Rodriguez. I gotta say I love the moves the Yankees have made. Farnsworth is a one inning guy who just isn't trustworthy in late spots. Edwar Ramirez, Jose Veras, and even David Robertson have outpitched Farnsworth, so he was expendable. So was Jose Tabata, who has been a pain in the rear for the Yankees to deal with this year.

2:20 AM: I hate to bring up Favre again, but are the Packers serious? Offering Favre $20 million to stay retired? Favre has horrible timing trying to come back, and it appears like the NFL has moved on without him. The Packers offering him money somewhat confirms that, but on the other hand, it's sort of a sleazy way to get out of him playing elsewhere.

There really must be no team who wants him. That might be the sad truth Favre faces. But remember, anything can change in an instant if someone gets hurt.